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  1. Heyho! I'm still active, up and running for more works!
  2. Heyho! I'm still active, up and running for more works!
  3. Heyho! I'm still active, up and running for more works!
  4. I sell my rewritten version of the quests, official like, If you're interested.
  5. I can create it for you.
  6. Heyho! I'm still active, up and running for more works!
  7. Hi, I am Syreldar. I'm a 21y/o boy who is currently studying software development. I've been coding for Metin2 since 2010. What I offer: The best, fastest, most professional and reliable Lua coding service. What are the prices: I am one of the priciest coders out there, and since the quality of my support and my works are out of question, I don't expect to ever need to explain why. So don't contact me unless you can afford me. The minimum price of my works is 10 euros. If you assign me to an easier task, the price will still be 10 euros, even for the slightest quest. What kind of support I offer to my customers: Free 24/7* support for code or structure improvements and/or bugfixes of any kind, forever. *:Please keep in mind that I'm a human too. Contact methods: - Skype: aresyournightmare - Metin2Downloads: Darisil - Metin2Dev: Syreldar - PM here. Languages: ITA/ENG Payment methods: PayPal
  8. I can unpack them if you can pay me.
  9. this file compiles fine.
  10. you have to upload the one with the modifications xd
  11. Jesus christ can you read? You got random characters all over your code, cleanup and compile lmao.
  12. Open your InstanceBase.cpp. Change this part: dwAcce += 85000; ClearAcceEffect(); Into this: __ClearAcceEffect(); if (dwAcce == 0) { m_GraphicThingInstance.AttachAcce(false, 0); return; } dwAcce += 85000;
  13. Quest part: function GetPartyMapIndex() return party.getf("map_index"); end -- function function IsPartyInDungeon() return d.find(quest.GetPartyMapIndex()); end -- function function GetPartyDungeonFloor() return d.getf_from_map_index("dungeon_floor", quest.GetPartyMapIndex()); end -- function function IsSamePartyLeaderDungeon() return d.getf_from_map_index("party_leader_pid", quest.GetPartyMapIndex()) == party.get_leader_pid(); end -- function when NPC.chat."I want to go back into the dungeon" with party.is_party() and quest.IsPartyInDungeon() and quest.IsSamePartyLeaderDungeon() begin local dungeon_floor = quest.GetPartyDungeonFloor(); local spawn_coordinates = Dungeon.GetData()[dungeon_floor]; pc.warp(spawn_coordinates["x"] * 100, spawn_coordinates["y"] * 100, quest.GetPartyMapIndex()); --[[ my settings use coordinates based on floors and keys. Like this function GetData() local array = { [1] = {["x"] = 19850, ["y"] = 98254}, -- Floor 1 spawn coordinates. [2] = {["x"] = 19850, ["y"] = 98254}, -- Floor 2 spawn coordinates. ..etc. }; return array; end -- function ]] end -- when That's how I do in my quests. Please do not CopyPaste without knowing what you're doing because I do not offer any kind of support for this. Useful functions: function SetPartyMapIndex(index) party.setf("map_index", index); -- Call quest.SetPartyMapIndex(d.get_map_index()) upon entering the dungeon with the party leader. (Doing it once is enough). end -- function function IncreaseDungeonFloor() d.setf("dungeon_floor", d.getf("dungeon_floor")+1); -- Call it everytime the group gets to a new floor of the dungeon. end -- function function SetPartyLeaderPid() d.setf("party_leader_pid", party.get_leader_pid()); -- Call it upon entering the dungeon with the party leader. end -- function
  14. Fix your systems before posting more. Buggy systems are not worth posting. For who wants to download: This is nothing like official zodiac system, no source modifications, nothing.
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