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  1. good what you are looking for in the majority can be achieved. the most important is the base (source code). if you want, you can write me by discord. and the death restriction function already existed a long time ago before Vegas published his
  2. Itachi

    question slot bug

    What Raffel says is true. must verify the function that is being called correctly I have not seen the code of that system but if you facilitate the file I can tell you where it is corrected your problem.
  3. Itachi

    question npc textures

    Explain yourself better
  4. Itachi

    question How to protect client?

    // Search: bool CEterPack::Create(CEterFileDict& rkFileDict, const char * dbname, const char* pathName, bool bReadOnly, const BYTE* iv) //inside replace: strcat(m_indexFileName, ".eix"); m_stDataFileName += ".epk"; there you can change the extension if it is what you are looking for
  5. Itachi

    question src game

    more information is needed to help you.
  6. Itachi

    c++ Fix ninja stealth on minimap

    this does not work correctly. do the most extensive tests and you will notice. regards
  7. Itachi

    c++ Fix ninja stealth on minimap

    thanks for the contribution but this does not work quite well.
  8. At some point he said that he was from @Kuroro? Taking into account is not from p3ng3r either. it's a development of metin2 who are only sharing to the community. I appreciate that the toxic comments are not made in this community. Best regards
  9. Itachi

    discussion KuroroDev - Serverfiles

    good update keep it up
  10. Itachi

    Suche nach dev

    What kind of systems do you want developed?
  11. small updates: new dialogue to throw or destroy items (Thanks to @Kuroro for his contribution) new encryptaciond the client (in test) new designs incorporated into the project (weapons, armor, costumes, mount, pets, npc)
  12. Itachi

    discussion KuroroDev - Serverfiles

    I liked that idea of the drop dialog
  13. I have been working on a project of metin2. which is 90% finished I would like the opinion of some I will leave some features and some images. Systems: Costume weapon Costume sash Hide all the costumes player and boss kill counter on costume weapon Preview of all costumes Teleport map combat zone advanced pvp Save location Daily gifts offline shop with decoration Titles Achievements with store durability of items Advanced refinement multiple refinements Friends blocking Stack items in the inventory emotions like in the official Change of race Change special bonus (infinity) Code Gifts Itemshop ingame among other systems. Dungeons: Dragon Mountain green Tunnels of demonic monkeys Catacombs Demon tower Tower of the underworld Demonic mushroom swamp Enchanted Forest Infected lagoon Purgatory Nemere Room of beran setaou Mountain of Magic Crystals Demonic sea Meley lair among other Dungeons. These are some of the available features. Some images:
  14. Itachi

    question Item Mal

    can make a video or images of the error to get an idea of the problem that has