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  1. HellBlazer1997

    Monster 2 | English server | Pvm Mediu

    Simple server . Good luck
  2. HellBlazer1997

    [SELL] Kiruma2 - Newschool Files

    @.Moon I go give the suggestion for example , you could present some images of svfiles, related to systems that have more relevant, sets, mounted, maps, dungeons for example.
  3. HellBlazer1997


    Nice @Grimmjow
  4. HellBlazer1997

    option Summer 2019

    Nice work @plechito
  5. HellBlazer1997

    Beast mount

  6. HellBlazer1997

    [FREE] Panda mount

    Thanks for Sharing
  7. HellBlazer1997

    [FREE] Lama Mount

    Nice work
  8. HellBlazer1997

    [3D] Anim Weapon

    Nice work
  9. HellBlazer1997

    Blue dragon mount

    Very nice bro
  10. HellBlazer1997

    Bunny mount

    Nice work.
  11. HellBlazer1997

    Searching for Project Internacional NewSchool

  12. Hello. I've come to offer myself as a game master for an international news-style server that is still in the early stages of development. I'm Portuguese,i playing metin2 for almost 12 years. I have a lot of experience in metin2 as a player and as a member of some projects. I can help with various ideas, I can also support players, contacts of people to various areas, etc. If you want to get in touch with me, send me a message through the following means: -Skype: tiagodog5@sapo.pt -Discord: HellBlazer # 0833 PS : I have error in title is not search but offer
  13. HellBlazer1997

    Arrival2 九頭蛇 日期 | ¿Ready? 準備好了嗎

    Good lucky to server JFireWall