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  1. ymirwork

    question Short Inventory

    Hi there, I add Short Inventory and its working very nice, but when i shot inventory my taskbar get this bug: [Hidden Content] After i short inventory, weapons take the place of potions in inventory and taskbar. Any help in here? EDIT: before short Inventory [Hidden Content] After: [Hidden Content]
  2. ymirwork

    c++ Gaya-System

    This is the bug i talk about [Hidden Content] Function remove all pack instead of only one stone.
  3. ymirwork

    c++ Gaya-System

    100% Clean
  4. ymirwork

    c++ Gaya-System

    hi there, i add stackable stones and it's all working good. But in this >>> windows <<< has some kind of bug. When i press the window hide all stack. The correct is 171 stones, 170, 169 etc.... And i go from 171 to none in inventory i only lose one stone and its all ok. Function() any help please?! And sorry for my english
  5. Hi there, As allways, i was search for some nice and free unlimited arrow system. But i can't find any full/complete/unbuged, so i make one! I create this today and until now i dont find any bug. So if u find any, let me know maybe we can solve it. Here u go. Enjoy! [Hidden Content] 08010.tga edit: code
  6. ymirwork

    Gesucht wird ein SA

    sure sure.... i understand all in there!
  7. ymirwork

    question Refine Stones

    Hi there, Can u help me understand what item 71056 does!? If i understand it right its for refine +3 Stones right!? But i cant use it on stones... and i dont understand how this item ((71056)) work. Can u explain to me please! my char_item.cpp item_proto 71056 û·æÀÇ ¼û°á ITEM_UNIQUE UNIQUE_NONE 1 ANTI_STACK | ANTI_SELL LOG NONE NONE 1000000 1000000 0 0 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 432000 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
  8. ymirwork

    guide Teleport to same place

    I make the command for test quest with "when login/when logout". And thats why only IMPLEMENTOR can use it. I belive there's No need for this in dungeon...
  9. Hi there, In your GM u never need to reload char, because u need to logout and login again to test something!? And this is boring!!!! I don't know if there's any command for that. So i make one --> pastebin <-- In game just type: /stay and char will teleport (logout\login)
  10. ymirwork

    question inventory sidebar

  11. [Hidden Content] If any one know how to disable system if inventory is full, this system will be 5* Otherwise, we have to disable it manual in gameoptions to avoid chat warning! xD edit: game.py def OnUpdate(self): [..] [..] if constInfo.AUTO_PICK_UP == 1: self.PickUpItem() [..] How to avoid this if inventory is full?
  12. ymirwork

    question inventory sidebar

    clean. Do i need to add something in root/uiinventory!? We can see board and buttons like in here [Hidden Content], but when i click there, char move to that place. Its like game dont see that board in there.
  13. ymirwork

    question inventory sidebar

    Hi there, i add one sidebar in my inventory, But i cant click in any button, it's like there nothing there. Any help please? i know how to make buttons work and etc. But i cant press there. Why? inventorywindow.py [Hidden Content]
  14. ymirwork

    Teleportsystem / Multilanguage Interface

    U take one free system, you change one bit and add 2 more buttons and now u sell it? Lols!