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  1. .Kori


    Please add a backlink on our Homepage
  2. .Kori

    Metin2 Mini Wiki System

    Ok good not bad. Good luck with the wiki :) Gesendet von meinem EML-L29 mit Tapatalk
  3. .Kori

    Metin2 Mini Wiki System

    Not bad but in only your language? Or support a multilanguage?
  4. .Kori

    files Ocelot2606 Files

    Englisch or german please
  5. .Kori

    Visual Studio ( 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015)

    Du brauchst mindestens 5 normale posts ( kein Spam)
  6. .Kori

    question MultiLanguage System

    Contact @COREhe sell a better system bug free
  7. .Kori

    question Kick for no reason

    Sure you have all right?
  8. .Kori

    EterWizard- Find keys of client

    Not bad thanks. I hope we see more from you
  9. .Kori

    Mariadb on FreeBSD

    Hello M2tec Community, Here is a small tutorial for use Mariadb on FreeBSD Server. Here is a link to see the difference between Mariadb and mysql : Mariadb vs mysql link Install on FreeBSD : We install Mariadb from the source list Step 1: portsnap fetch extract Step 2: portsnap fetch update Now we have updated the ports and show for the Mariadb ports with : ls /usr/ports/databases | grep mariadb Now we have a output like this : mariadb-connector-c mariadb-connector-odbc mariadb100-client mariadb100-server mariadb101-client mariadb101-server mariadb102-client mariadb102-server mariadb103-client mariadb103-server mariadb55-client mariadb55-server In my opinion we use the newest version ( Mariadb103) cd /usr/ports/databases/mariadb103-server Then make Now we need select any questions in all sections select with enter When we done with all we need this make install clean Now we have finally installed Mariadb on FreeBSD. Next time I will add the pkg version for install Mariadb. Here is the documentation from the official website : Credits and informations
  10. Looks nice please add a backlink on your homepage thanks
  11. .Kori

    files Ocelot2606 Files

    Nice schaut gut aus deine updates
  12. .Kori

    3 Weapons by Teodor (Gloss Changed)

    Nice thanks really I will add this on my files I like the reworked version. The official is really unprofessional
  13. .Kori

    3 Weapons by Teodor (Gloss Changed)

    Can you make this for all official weapons? I think you can make this too
  14. .Kori

    files Clean Source 40k

    Use fliege or M2tec files. This files are clean without fixes
  15. View File Visual Studio ( 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015) Have fun guys Submitter .Kori Submitted 03/17/19 Category Tools