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Found 52 results

  1. Hey everyone. I want to release a complete ingame interface design, with a webdesign in psd. It's a redesigned version of the Evil-S MMORPG GUI, which made by LovePlay. The rar only contains psd files. Pictures: Ingame interface concept Ingame interface concept 2. Empire flag(s) Character create concept Character select concept Login concept The webdesign Download: Mega.nz, GoogleDrive
  2. Hi, I already released this on another platform, so I thought about sharing it with you guys. It's the latest Shoulder Sash System developed by LeNnT, the 0.3 version (Latest Update: 08/09/2016) Download: [Hidden Content] It contains Documentation, Changelog, and relative Instructions to install it correctly. Have Fun!
  3. 2014 Invoice with Source Im Download sind die 2014 Invoice V2 Files enthalten. Diese sind auf dem Stand, was logisch ist, von 2014. Enthalten ist standartmäßig: Kostümsystem Drachensteinalchemie Gürtelsystem Spinnenbaroness / Drachenraum alle Maps bis 2014 alle Quests aus 2014 Im Downloadlink sind enthalten: Client für 2014 Serverfiles Serverfiles (tar.gz) Server-Source Client-Source Download - Mega.nz Dieser Download sollte mit der .VDI sein: (Passwort muss in PuTTY oder VirtualBox zurückgesetzt werden) Download - Mega.nz Video:
  4. Hi friends, I have 2 problems with the horse, the first problem is that I brought the horse to level 31 but I do not see the icon in the upper left that indicates my health.The second problem is that the horse never dies.I await your suggestions and thank you from my heart who will help me.
  5. Hello, today i release from my source, the fix for offline shop by great to work good with transmutation system. My source is kori source 1.4 but with fixed bugs. You dont have to replace the whole functions. You can compare with mine. If you install them correctly like i tell you, it should work. Its tested to my server, and it works 100%. Download link: [Hidden Content] I hope I helped, Yours sincerely, VoiD.
  6. Hello,i want one drop quest with level limit (If I kill the dog and I have lv 20 he don't drop anything from the list of items) And if possible any item have chances to drop
  7. Hello, how can i change the password requirements to use special character? For example !@€äüö()SPACE
  8. Hello, i changed the textures an de properties of the scarf system and i putted this But as you can see the work wrong...how can i fix them to get over my shoulders not beside me ?
  9. Hallo liebe m2tec Community, in meinem letzten How to habe ich gezeigt wie man die Mesh in 3ds Max fixen kann. Siehe dazu Hier. Nun zeige ich euch wie ihr die Mesh samt skin von granny version 2.x.x auf 2.11.8 updaten könnt. (Tut mir leid für die schlechte Auflösung, mein GPU ist leider etwas defekt) grnreaderD2 + allen nötigen Plugins "Ausnahme von gr2 exporter" = 15€ Bei bedarf add me in Skype: dharokko18 PS: Nächster Plan "Animation update"
  10. My bug: [Hidden Content] After login, weapon dissapearing.
  11. I have a problem with professional biolog.After i giving the item to the collection i getting that problem in syserr 1108 22:20:55277 :: File "game.py", line 2393, in BINARY_ServerCommand_Run 1108 22:20:55351 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 63, in Run 1108 22:20:55351 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 31, in __call__ 1108 22:20:55352 :: File "stringCommander.py", line 20, in __call__ 1108 22:20:55352 :: File "game.py", line 2015, in BINARY_Biolog_SendMessage 1108 22:20:55352 :: AttributeError 1108 22:20:55352 :: : 1108 22:20:55352 :: 'module' object has no attribute 'popupdialog' 1108 22:20:55352 :: 1108 22:20:55352 :: Unknown Server Command BINARY_Biolog_SendMessage [Biolog]$Felicitari$itemul$a$fost$luat$cu$succes! | BINARY_Biolog_SendMessage Can someone help me? Sorry for my bad english....
  12. after i upgrade an item with 6/7 one of bonus vanish. VIDEO: [Hidden Content]
  13. Hey.. i have problem .. I can not see the full description IMG: [Hidden Content] txt: [DELAY value;0] By virtue of their heavy[ENTER] armour, weapons and skills,[ENTER] Warriors play a crucial role[ENTER] in close combat situations.[ENTER] Their two aims in life are[ENTER] for raw physical strength[ENTER] combined with a balanced and[ENTER] serene psyche. Depending on[ENTER] their chosen specialisation,[ENTER] Warriors can deal out[ENTER] devastating amounts of[ENTER] damage with two-handed[ENTER] weapons, or skilfully[ENTER] combine shield and sword to[ENTER] neutralise the attacks of[ENTER] [WAIT] multiple enemies.
  14. Hi! I've testing everything out on my server but, i've got a problem with sending guild war request. Whenever i send a request, it says the guild leader is not online, even thought he is side by side with me.. Where can i fix or which files can i "mess" around to try and fix this issue? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  15. [Hidden Content]# Informations Systeme server details: 1: off-line store system. 2: Extra Refine System. (Vegas) 3: Accompaniment system (Official). 4: Mafia objective information system. 5: Coufer fall information system. 6: Belt system. 7: barbut system. 8: Global chat system. 9: Title system (Lennt) 10: Sash System v3 (Lennt) 11: Costume system. 12: Object destruction system when you want to launch it. 13: Processing system.  14: Armament system (GM only). 15: Shaman buffer system 16 fits the mounting system 17: Costume Weapons Systems (Skins / Weapons Suit) 18: Decimal Hp (total players CV / HP Total monsters). 19: HP Pecent (Hp in percentage of players / Hp percentage of monsters).  20: Maintenance System (Vegas) 21: Flags System (Vegas) 22: Talismans 23: Many languages (Andy) 24: Biolog System  25: Quickslot (Vegas) 
  16. Creature Metin2 is an international Old-Middleschool pvm - pvp serverServer was started at 29.10.2017 um 22:00 UhrAll ITEMSHOP items can be obtained ingame!Here Are the presentation ! WEB LINK
  17. Good m2tec! for some time I have been struggling with the gold ingot system from the source! So far all right! except to give me the yang but not delete my item from the inventory! Can anyone tell me what, how and where did I go wrong ???? [and would still be incomplete! I would like when I reach the 1.9kkk limit to give me a 500kk ingot and drop my yang (not to get the famous overflow)] The system looks like this: char.cpp char.h char_item.cpp constants.cpp constants.h log.cpp log.h .sql table
  18. Hello community i have problem with FR_NOVA make_xml not generate all content only <File ArchivedPath="d:/ymir work/terrainmaps/stone1.dds"><![CDATA[../Client/Terrain/stone1.dds]]></File> thanks for help and sorry for my english Server files clean by Undyne my Antivirus is AVG
  19. A collision or crash is an event in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other for a relatively short time. Although the most common colloquial use of the word "collision" refers to incidents in which two or more objects collide, the scientific use of the word "collision" implies nothing about the magnitude of the force. Some examples of physical interactions that scientists would consider collisions: An insect touches its antenna to the leaf of a plant. The antenna is said to collide with leaf. A cat walks delicately through the grass. Each contact that its paws make with the ground is a collision. Each brush of its fur against a blade of grass is a collision. [File: src/Client/Source/GameLib/ActorInstanceCollisionDetection.cpp] //1.) Search: #include "../eterLib/GrpMath.h" //2.) Add bellow: #include "../UserInterface/PythonBackground.h" #include "../UserInterface/Locale_inc.h" //3.) Search: BOOL CActorInstance::TestActorCollision(CActorInstance & rVictim) { //4.) Add bellow: #ifdef ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL /********************************************************************* * date : 2016.02.16 * function : Stop Colission * developer : VegaS * skype : sacadatt.amazon * description : Checks if the victim is one of the examples below you can easily configure. If the victim was found success as vnum site / breed ve you could go through it no longer block. */ /************ * The first value is the minimum value and the second value is the maximum value of pet vnum (mob_proto) - change 34051 with your max vnum of pet */ int pListPet[2] = {34001, 34051}; /************ * You can add whatever you like vnum of npc or monster (mob_proto) */ int pListGlobal[] = {9001, 9002, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 20011, 20091, 20092, 20093, 20094, 20095, 30000}; /************ * You can add what mapname you want for enable this stop collission global like pet / npc */ const char* strMapListGlobal[] = {"metin2_map_a1", "metin2_map_a3", "metin2_map_b1", "metin2_map_b3", "metin2_map_c1", "metin2_map_c3", "season2/metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_01", "season2/metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_02", "metin2_map_duel"}; /************ * Location name of the map where the event takes place ox */ const char* strMapEventOx = "season1/metin2_map_oxevent"; std::string stringName = CPythonBackground::Instance().GetWarpMapName(); for (int i = 0; i < _countof(strMapListGlobal); i++) { #ifdef ENABLE_STOP_COLLISION_PLAYER_OX if (strMapEventOx == stringName) // Check if u are place in map ox { if (0 <= rVictim.GetRace() && rVictim.GetRace() <= 7) // Check if the victim through which pass over a player (change 7 with 8 if u have wolfman) return FALSE; // Stop collission for player --> You can go through players now successfully without lock yourself } #endif if (strMapListGlobal[i] == stringName) // Check if you are in one of the maps listed in the global list { for (int i = 0; i < _countof(pListGlobal); i++) { if (rVictim.GetRace() == pListGlobal[i] || pListPet[0] <= rVictim.GetRace() && rVictim.GetRace() <= pListPet[1]) // Verify that the victim is npc vnum listed above, or if a pet. return FALSE; // Stop collission for global vnum like a pet or npc } } } #endif [File: src/Client/Source/UserInterface/Locale_inc.h] //1.) Search: #define ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM //2.) Add bellow: #ifndef ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL #define ENABLE_STOP_COLISSION_GLOBAL #define ENABLE_STOP_COLLISION_PLAYER_OX #endif
  20. Who I am? I'm FreeWar, I work in the Metin2 sector in alternating times! I met Metin2 at the height of success and I became fascinated by this game because of its simplicity and its way of involving players! Later I met the world of private servers through LocMt2 and from there I came the desire to start creating my first Metin2 server at the time hosted on the home pc with the famous Hamachi! After that flop I realized that the management of a private server was not in my capacity, so I decided to take the road of development by starting to write quests and some pyhton script. What do you offer? I realize system in C ++ & Python, Quest "Missions & Dungeons", Autopatcher and also some software like tools always for Metin2. Price list? I do not have a price list, or there is no price list for this type of thing, everything varies according to customer requirements, if a system takes time and effort then surely the price will not be low! Do you have any work done to evaluate how you work? Not really, I worked for some servers already open and others that will open shortly but precisely the latter have a right to the copyright of their system! Contacts: On my website you will find all the ways to contact me through a simple click! CURRENT STATE SERVICE: AVAILABLE
  21. Hey there, I am using some files and after a while i realised that Absorption does not work on the sash system. The Dialog opens but i cant put Sash on the slot and there is no apparent error that i can see that would cause this. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  22. Es wurde nicht von mir geschrieben ich Release es nur auf diesem Forum. Open dungeon.h void JoinParty_Coords(LPPARTY pParty, long X, long Y); void Join_Coords(LPCHARACTER ch, long X, long Y); Open dungeon.cpp struct FWarpToDungeonCoords { FWarpToDungeonCoords(long lMapIndex, long X, long Y, LPDUNGEON d) : m_lMapIndex(lMapIndex), m_x(X), m_y(Y), m_pkDungeon(d) { } void operator () (LPCHARACTER ch) { ch->SaveExitLocation(); ch->WarpSet(m_x, m_y, m_lMapIndex); } long m_lMapIndex; long m_x; long m_y; LPDUNGEON m_pkDungeon; }; void CDungeon::Join_Coords(LPCHARACTER ch, long X, long Y) { if (SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(m_lMapIndex) == NULL) { sys_err("CDungeon: SECTREE_MAP not found for #%ld", m_lMapIndex); return; } X*=100; Y*=100; FWarpToDungeonCoords(m_lMapIndex, X, Y, this) (ch); } void CDungeon::JoinParty_Coords(LPPARTY pParty, long X, long Y) { pParty->SetDungeon(this); m_map_pkParty.insert(std::make_pair(pParty,0)); if (SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(m_lMapIndex) == NULL) { sys_err("CDungeon: SECTREE_MAP not found for #%ld", m_lMapIndex); return; } X*=100; Y*=100; FWarpToDungeonCoords f(m_lMapIndex, X, Y, this); pParty->ForEachOnlineMember(f); } Open questlua_dungeon.cpp int dungeon_join_coords(lua_State* L) { if (lua_gettop(L)<3 || !lua_isnumber(L,1) || !lua_isnumber(L, 2) || !lua_isnumber(L,3)) { sys_err("not enough argument"); return 0; } long lMapIndex = (long)lua_tonumber(L, 1); LPDUNGEON pDungeon = CDungeonManager::instance().Create(lMapIndex); if (!pDungeon) return 0; LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); if (ch->GetParty() && ch->GetParty()->GetLeaderPID() == ch->GetPlayerID()) pDungeon->JoinParty_Coords(ch->GetParty(), (long)lua_tonumber(L, 2), (long)lua_tonumber(L, 3)); else if (!ch->GetParty()) pDungeon->Join_Coords(ch, (long)lua_tonumber(L, 2), (long)lua_tonumber(L, 3)); return 0; } questlua_dungeon.cpp INTO RegisterDungeonFunctionTable() { "join_coords", dungeon_join_coords }, Beispiel für die Quest: d.join_coords(12, 21385, 16395)
  23. Hello, Today I realized I had a bug on the transmutation system (change look). Instead the game discount 1kkk on the gold (price I set) it gives exactly 3.294.967.296 yang every time... The function that discounts the money: void CHARACTER::RefineClMaterials() { LPITEM * pkItemMaterial; pkItemMaterial = GetClWindowMaterials(); if (!pkItemMaterial[0]) return; else if (!pkItemMaterial[1]) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Transmutation] Please submit the item you want to transmute.")); return; } DWORD dwPrice = CL_TRANSMUTATION_PRICE; if (GetGold() < dwPrice) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Transmutation] You don't have enough Yang.")); return; } DWORD dwVnum = pkItemMaterial[1]->GetVnum(); PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -dwPrice); DBManager::instance().SendMoneyLog(MONEY_LOG_REFINE, pkItemMaterial[0]->GetVnum(), -dwPrice); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(pkItemMaterial[1], "TRANSMUTED (SUCCESSFULLY)"); pkItemMaterial[0]->SetTransmutation(dwVnum, true); ClearClWindowMaterials(); TItemPos tPos; tPos.window_type = INVENTORY; tPos.cell = 0; TPacketChangeLook sPacket; sPacket.header = HEADER_GC_CL; sPacket.subheader = CL_SUBHEADER_REFINE; sPacket.dwCost = 0; sPacket.bPos = 0; sPacket.tPos = tPos; GetDesc()->Packet(&sPacket, sizeof(TPacketChangeLook)); } The POINT_GOLD: case POINT_GOLD: { long long nTotalMoney = GetGold() + amount; if (nTotalMoney > yang_max) { sys_err("[OVERFLOW_GOLD] maximum %lld OriGold %lld AddedGold %lld id %u Name %s ", yang_max, GetGold(), amount, GetPlayerID(), GetName()); LogManager::instance().CharLog(this, GetGold() + amount, "OVERFLOW_GOLD", ""); nTotalMoney = GetGold(); amount = 0; SetGold(yang_max); return; } // û�ҳ⺸ȣ if (LC_IsNewCIBN() && amount > 0) { if (IsOverTime(OT_NONE)) { dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = NONE", GetName()); } else if (IsOverTime(OT_3HOUR)) { amount = (amount / 2); dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = 3HOUR", GetName()); } else if (IsOverTime(OT_5HOUR)) { amount = 0; dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = 5HOUR", GetName()); } } SetGold(GetGold() + amount); val = GetGold(); } break; Can anyone help me out? Thanks