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Found 17 results

  1. Key Changes Hello M2Tec Community, New Systems and fixes: Email server changed -> Check spam folder when you cant see new mails Automatic account block when you use a fake email ( from the new email server ) Mention list Update ( load false names fix ) Hide Link And Code update ( for older browsers ) Tropys and medals update ( but we add more next time ) You can now post Status Updates to other members Profile: Changes: Release notes post in the News Section for more views FStar Rating Update for the release notes Little changes for the Download section Changed all links to the new Discord Server You can now upload now mp4 and all other movie files in threads The M2Tec Team View full release
  2. Er zeigt immer nur eine 1 an und geht nicht weiter hat einer eine Idee?
  3. Hello M2Tec, This Thread is a Collection Thread about all Board updates. The new Changes 05/04/2018 : We search Mods or other guys fo our team here ( Here ) Hide link and code works only for Release sections now ( all question and talk sections removed ) Trophy and Medals add ( but we work for the awards now ) The next updates comes next days ;) have a nice day .Kori
  4. Granny 2.11.8 3D Update Download: Mega.nz
  5. Hello here the new Updates: [Hidden Content]
  6. # Changelog KoriDev Files Rework ## M2Tec starter Source ### Changes ``` + add a config file ( Multilang ) + Informaion add in Main menu + Delete logs add and works + Server stop add ( with the PID file ) ``` ## New Source Updates Client ### Extern : ``` + Update Crypto++ 5.6 to Crypto++ 7.0 + Update Boost to 1.68.0 ``` ### New Systems / Defines ``` + Add Mounts with Python ( Mounts.py ) fixxed ``` ## New Source Updates Server ### New Defines / Systems ``` + #define ENABLE_AUTODETECT_INTERNAL_IP // autodetect internal ip if the public one is missing + #define ENABLE_PORT_SECURITY // fixx remote adminpage exploits + Mounts.txt add ( Add new mounts without edit the src for the dmg ) ``` ### New Fixxes ``` + map/index core crach fixxed ( newline ) + guild_add_member ( check is ns npc or mob ) + when player die is the hp after not negative ( Offical like ) + removed some useless syserr + can't swap equipment when inv. is full + mount backport fixx + fixed the unsigned bug ( do_war ) + material skip exploit ```
  7. Hello guys, I've recently downloaded mainline source(client and server). Client is on v90(vs 2008) tool set, which is quite old and I'm interested in updating to atleast v120(vs 2013). Is there any way to do it?
  8. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello M2tec Community, The New Design! We have a new light design. Wen you find bugs or other thinks please post here : Here The Last changes from M2tec. Invite System has Newsletter settings Links Show after reaction or a Replay ( Premium not) * Inactive Members Mails have a new Layout New rank add ( trusted) ** User Group errors fixxed Board Page load More Performance with Pagespeed and New compression from nginx Chatbox Update and fixxed Themes Update Profile Photo size changed for Members Add Clubs for All users ( Link : Link ) Discord widget New Layout and smaler Team Search Application ( Here ) More little thinks *we respect all Developers and I think a post or reaction is a good change to say thanks for Release. Please dont post single words to show the link !! **after 5 positive comments in the sell Thread you become the rank, when not please contact me. the new QR Code
  10. Hallo, ich suche alle Kyanitrüstungen (Lykaner egal) oder das zugehörige Beta Update vom 22.10.2014. Alles was ich finde sind tote Links.. würde echt weiterhelfen! Ein Entpacker, womit man de Entpacken kann ohne das Modelle etc nicht funktionieren wäre auch in Ordnung.
  11. Hello M2tec Users, Englisch : Here the changelog from last year to this. Inactive Members become Mails Team, level 2, Premium and Developer can Set a Image before the username Store online now Emails fixxed ( Passwörter Reset Usw) New Section ( store Support) Invite Members for Premium! Use this link to Promote New Members : Link Deutsch : Hier die Updates vom letzten Jahr bis Jezt. Inactive User bekommen Mails Team, level 2, Premium and Developer können Bilder vor ihren Namen machen Store wieder online Emails fixxed ( Passwörter Reset Usw) Neue Section ( store Support) Invite Members for Premium! Unter dem link findet ihr alles was ihr braucht : Link Extra : Dont have the Email from the invite User? Use the settings Button from the system and u can find a link Wenn du die Email nicht kennst Nutz die Einstellung auf der invite Seite da ist ein link