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Found 113 results

  1. Hello,i want one drop quest with level limit (If I kill the dog and I have lv 20 he don't drop anything from the list of items) And if possible any item have chances to drop
  2. Suche Folgende "Systeme" (egal ob Releast oder zu Kaufen hauptsache Bugfrei) -Dungeon Timer Board -PickUp Filter -Quest Texte Schneller Durch laufen lassen -Shinings (alles was ihr so da habt.) -Preview System (EQ /Kostüme) -Neue Emotes -Funktionierendes Mountsystem (Mount Läuft wie ein Pferd) -Erhöhte Stack Anzahl z.b 500 Stack -Gift und Blut TP Anzeige -Truhen Öfters öffnen wie auf DE Grüße.
  3. Can someone help me with wheel of destiny?
  4. Hello, i am looking for a serverside antimobber.
  5. Hello everyone, Im looking for Item and mob proto fully translated in English ( Fliege files.) Regards CreeD
  6. Hallo, ich suche den Lethal War Client von 2017 kurz bevor der Server Offline ging. Ich bedanke mich schon mal im voraus
  7. Hello, we are looking for active support in the development of our projects. For this we need further developers in the area of programming with C++. We expect from interested developers: - mature experiences with C++, - expierience with Git and FreeBSD/Windows, - sufficient time - and motivation. Furthermore, we expect language skills in German/English. We offer: - a fixed monthly payment (negotiable), - a competent team, - an elaborated concept - and an advanced development environment. Our source is compatible with Windows (Server & Client) and FreeBSD (Windows). Thanks to CMake, project solutions can be created very easily for all current IDEs. In addition, any version of the development stage can be easily managed by Git and synchronized with other team members. Our team has several years of experience and competence, especially in the technical area. Further details can be discussed privately. Contact possibilities: - Discord: Duncas#0873 Yours sincerely Duncas Deutsch - German:
  8. Hello,I want a quest to teleport players to map1 when die (sorry for my bad english)
  9. Moin, Gibt es schon PUB ein FB-Lager / Stein-Lager / Uppitem-Lager ? Danke^^
  10. Da ich momentan jemand helf mit Fliege files, Brauch ich einen Item_proto entpacker für die files den was ich für Kori files benutze funkt bei Fliege nicht
  11. Hello! Anyone can you send me unbugged offlineshop? Thank you!
  12. Hello community, I'm here to present a Brazilian project NewSchool with intentions to become international in the future. Our idea is to create the best Brazilian private metin2 server ever and later if it succeeds in expanding to other markets slowly. We have an interresting team but we need people who have been interested in joining us since we do not have the financial power to hire people to sell services. In the Brazilian scene of metin2 there is no one working in metin2 in various areas of metin2 and the servers there are mostly picking up to serverfiles, translating and picking up shit and casting. We want to create a decent and innovative thing. The following are areas that we are recruiting for those who have interacted: -WebDesigner (Website + Forum) -Designer (Logos, Banners, Backgrounds, patcher, interfaces, presentations) -Creator Maps / Dungeons -3D Creator (Weapons / Armors, effects, metinstones, monsters / bosses etc) We know that it will be difficult for someone to interact because they may be doing / selling services for other nationalities that give a lot of money and have many players etc. But if you try to never know if you really have an interest in trying to help a project of a different nationality and market. If interresant to project and for know someone ideias to project send message in forum
  13. Hey Zusammen, ich bin auf der suche nach einem Handelscenter der mit dem Offline Shop (Great) interagiert. zb wie auf Celestia World 2.0 mfg Marvin
  14. Ich bin auf der Suche nach ganz "normalen" Waffenshinings. Simple blau/grün/rot o.ä. Würde mich freuen wenn jemand welche hätte
  15. Hey Devs! I searching for an auction house, if you have one and want to sell it, send me a pm. Thanks!
  16. Wolfman official full file necessary can you help me
  17. Hello I'm looking for Hide Shining's Hallo Ich suche ein system womit ich Shinings ausblenden kann
  18. [en lang] I am looking for server files from 2009. Does anyone have? [german lang] Ich suche Server-Dateien von 2009. Hat das jemand?
  19. hello every one i need system like this
  20. Suche von Gizeh's Pet-System die Datenbank-Tabellen. Hat diese jemand?
  21. Hey, Hab folgendes Problem: Ich hab mir mal das Shop Search System von Koray aufn Server gemacht. Hat so weit ganz gut funktioniert Nun hab ich das Problem, dass er leider keine Items findet ... egal, was ich suche. Code Server syserr: Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get und immer so weiter ... Wer hilft bei fixen werden ich 20€ auf paypal senden LG ixel
  22. How i can to make search items in this? To make like this... [Hidden Content] quest [Hidden Content] gui python
  23. im searching for a official client that have been released arround 2016 i need the full client with binarys if someone have it it would be nice if u can upload that.
  24. Can someone help me with this system [Hidden Content]?