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Found 112 results

  1. Hi, I already released this on another platform, so I thought about sharing it with you guys. It's the latest Shoulder Sash System developed by LeNnT, the 0.3 version (Latest Update: 08/09/2016) Download: [Hidden Content] It contains Documentation, Changelog, and relative Instructions to install it correctly. Have Fun!
  2. huhu, Ich war gerade am überlegen wo ich das genau reinposte, es gab auf dem alten Board ja ein Extra Bereich aber seis drum. Was es genau ist, brauch ich glaub nicht sagen.. viel Spaß damit. Bild: Download: [Hidden Content] Gruß, Kalibor
  3. Ich gebe Euch meine Alpha_channels für die Waffen die ich Gestern gemacht habe und sie gerade für Euch Verbessert habe da es jetzt zu viel zeit ist alle Einzeln zuzeigen 😄 sind es die 75-90iger Waffen NICHT ZU VERGESSEN DAS IST EINE PUBVERSION VON MIR Giftschwert: [Hidden Content] Siriusschwert [Hidden Content] Wem sie nicht gefallen muss sie nicht downloaden Mondschwert [Hidden Content] -Schwarzstahlschwert [Hidden Content] Schwarze-klinge [Hidden Content] INFO ALLES ÜBERARBEITET Lirons Alpha mit mein Mix Sind nicht alle waffen verbaut Einfügen? Einfach die datei in der item.eix ersetzen Schwarzstahl ALPHA_WAFFEN
  4. Hallo ! - I upload my vdi for compile source and start server - I upload fliege files v2.1 source and serverfiles - Ready for start (/usr/home/game) - Ready for compile (/usr/src/Source) Informations: Download:
  5. Azrael'sRüstung Wüstekämpfer (Schwarz) Mini Release 2Kostüme für jede Rasse nur für Männliche Charakter PUBLIC_VERSION Alphas_von mir ACE KRIEGER: Kleines problem mit den Gifs Gyazoo wil gerade nicht DOWNLOAD_ALPHA_COSTUME
  6. Hi everybody, I just share the results of my test after a few months. 1. Less unexplained disconnection related to the game. 2. No more errors related to the sequence in syserrs 3. Server Source & Clients Lightened As you can see, the removal of this system is entirely beneficial since it is an incomplete system causing disconnection in play for no reason. The system also generated this server-side error: On the other hand, if you have deactivated the encryption of the packets on your sources, it will require a lot of other important changes. If you want to do a series of tests you have the opportunity to act in 3 different ways: - #define SEQUENCE_SYSTEM_ENABLED - Comment the code - Delete the code Open input.cpp and search: if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_PONG) sys_log(0, "PONG! %u %u", m_pPacketInfo->IsSequence(bHeader), *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE))); Here, the syslog linked to the Header of the key pong uses the function IsSequence, we will modify it by: if (bHeader == HEADER_CG_PONG) sys_log(0, "PONG! %u", *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE))); Just down you have: if (m_pPacketInfo->IsSequence(bHeader)) { BYTE bSeq = lpDesc->GetSequence(); BYTE bSeqReceived = *(BYTE *) (c_pData + iPacketLen - sizeof(BYTE)); if (bSeq != bSeqReceived) { sys_err("SEQUENCE %x mismatch 0x%x != 0x%x header %u", get_pointer(lpDesc), bSeq, bSeqReceived, bHeader); LPCHARACTER ch = lpDesc->GetCharacter(); char buf[1024]; int offset, len; offset = snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "SEQUENCE_LOG [%s]-------------\n", ch ? ch->GetName() : "UNKNOWN"); if (offset < 0 || offset >= (int) sizeof(buf)) offset = sizeof(buf) - 1; for (size_t i = 0; i < lpDesc->m_seq_vector.size(); ++i) { len = snprintf(buf + offset, sizeof(buf) - offset, "\t[%03d : 0x%x]\n", lpDesc->m_seq_vector[i].hdr, lpDesc->m_seq_vector[i].seq); if (len < 0 || len >= (int) sizeof(buf) - offset) offset += (sizeof(buf) - offset) - 1; else offset += len; } snprintf(buf + offset, sizeof(buf) - offset, "\t[%03d : 0x%x]\n", bHeader, bSeq); sys_err("%s", buf); lpDesc->SetPhase(PHASE_CLOSE); return true; } else { lpDesc->push_seq(bHeader, bSeq); lpDesc->SetNextSequence(); //sys_err("SEQUENCE %x match %u next %u header %u", lpDesc, bSeq, lpDesc->GetSequence(), bHeader); } } Add the ifdef, comment or delete the entire code. Look for: CInputHandshake::CInputHandshake() { CPacketInfoCG * pkPacketInfo = M2_NEW CPacketInfoCG; pkPacketInfo->SetSequence(HEADER_CG_PONG, false); m_pMainPacketInfo = m_pPacketInfo; BindPacketInfo(pkPacketInfo); } We will delete the sending of the sequence of the key pong here like this: CInputHandshake::CInputHandshake() { CPacketInfoCG * pkPacketInfo = M2_NEW CPacketInfoCG; // pkPacketInfo->SetSequence(HEADER_CG_PONG, false); m_pMainPacketInfo = m_pPacketInfo; BindPacketInfo(pkPacketInfo); } That's it for the input.cpp, let's open the file desc.cpp: #include "sequence.h" Add a comment to the include. Search and comment the code: m_iCurrentSequence Search and comment the code: m_seq_vector.clear(); Add a comment here too Search again & comment the code: m_seq_vector.clear(); Search: BYTE DESC::GetSequence() { return gc_abSequence[m_iCurrentSequence]; } void DESC::SetNextSequence() { if (++m_iCurrentSequence == SEQUENCE_MAX_NUM) m_iCurrentSequence = 0; } Comment all. Look for: void DESC::push_seq(BYTE hdr, BYTE seq) { if (m_seq_vector.size()>=20) { m_seq_vector.erase(m_seq_vector.begin()); } seq_t info = { hdr, seq }; m_seq_vector.push_back(info); } Comment also the whole function. Let's open the desc.h for the statement. Look for: // sequence 버그 찾기용 데이타 struct seq_t { BYTE hdr; BYTE seq; }; typedef std::vector<seq_t> seq_vector_t; // sequence 버그 찾기용 데이타 Comment on everything. Look for: BYTE GetSequence(); void SetNextSequence(); Comment on the 2 functions. Look for: int m_iCurrentSequence; Comment on the function. Look for: public: seq_vector_t m_seq_vector; void push_seq (BYTE hdr, BYTE seq); Comment everything. Let's open the packet_info.cpp and look for: void CPacketInfo::Set(int header, int iSize, const char * c_pszName, bool bSeq) { if (m_pPacketMap.find(header) != m_pPacketMap.end()) return; TPacketElement * element = M2_NEW TPacketElement; element->iSize = iSize; element->stName.assign(c_pszName); element->iCalled = 0; element->dwLoad = 0; element->bSequencePacket = bSeq; if (element->bSequencePacket) element->iSize += sizeof(BYTE); m_pPacketMap.insert(std::map<int, TPacketElement *>::value_type(header, element)); } Edit by: void CPacketInfo::Set(int header, int iSize, const char * c_pszName) { if (m_pPacketMap.find(header) != m_pPacketMap.end()) return; TPacketElement * element = M2_NEW TPacketElement; element->iSize = iSize; element->stName.assign(c_pszName); element->iCalled = 0; element->dwLoad = 0; /* element->bSequencePacket = bSeq; if (element->bSequencePacket) element->iSize += sizeof(BYTE); */ m_pPacketMap.insert(std::map<int, TPacketElement *>::value_type(header, element)); } Search: bool CPacketInfo::IsSequence(int header) { TPacketElement * pkElement = GetElement(header); return pkElement ? pkElement->bSequencePacket : false; } void CPacketInfo::SetSequence(int header, bool bSeq) { TPacketElement * pkElem = GetElement(header); if (pkElem) { if (bSeq) { if (!pkElem->bSequencePacket) pkElem->iSize++; } else { if (pkElem->bSequencePacket) pkElem->iSize--; } pkElem->bSequencePacket = bSeq; } } Comment the whole function. Now, we will modify all the packages of the CPacketInfoCG :: CPacketInfoCG () function. Search: Set(HEADER_CG_GUILD_SYMBOL_UPLOAD, sizeof(TPacketCGGuildSymbolUpload), "SymbolUpload", false); Edit by: Set(HEADER_CG_GUILD_SYMBOL_UPLOAD, sizeof(TPacketCGGuildSymbolUpload), "SymbolUpload"); Do this for any header with a true or false. You should have something like this: Let's open the packet_info.h and look for: typedef struct SPacketElement { int iSize; std::string stName; int iCalled; DWORD dwLoad; bool bSequencePacket; } TPacketElement; Edit by: typedef struct SPacketElement { int iSize; std::string stName; int iCalled; DWORD dwLoad; //bool bSequencePacket; } TPacketElement; Search: void Set(int header, int size, const char * c_pszName, bool bSeq=false); Edit by: void Set(int header, int size, const char * c_pszName); Search and comment the code: bool IsSequence(int header); void SetSequence(int header, bool bSeq); To conclude the tutorial, open input udp.cpp and search for: Set(1, sizeof(ServerStateChecker_RequestPacket), "ServerStateRequest", false); Edit by: Set(1, sizeof(ServerStateChecker_RequestPacket), "ServerStateRequest"); Finally, remove the 2 sequence files from your source and do not forget to remove them from the makefile. 2) CLIENT PART I will not do any tutorial since this file is never modified so you can take mine (I made one for you as I have disabled the encryption of the packets on my side): Link: Click-here ! Source: Madara, please quote the source if you wish to share this tutorial elsewhere. Sorry for my english, i use google translate, if someone can edit my post for my mistakes
  7. I have seen its now published and now here too [Hidden Content]
  8. "Hi Zusammen, Download: [Hidden Content] (CxL).rar Passwort: Cxl.Services so kann man damit rumspielen damit eventuell leute sehen was es it [Hidden Content]
  9. Hey Da ich neu hier im M2Tec Forum bin, möchte Ich als kleines Hallo mal ein paar Systeme für euch zur Verfügung stellen. Ich weiß dass die Systeme in einigen Foren schon Public sind, jedoch geht dort entweder der Link nicht mehr, oder es ist total verbuggt. Ich habe alle Systeme bei mir eingefügt und kann sagen, dass Sie zu 100% funktionieren. Systeme Biologen System by VegaS Contact System by VegaS Duel System by VegaS Neues Upp System by VegaS Projektions System (Transmutation) Schulterband System Alle Systeme sind in meiner Mega Cloud zu finden, dort findet Ihr mit der Zeit immer mal wieder neue Systeme oder neue Dinge die ich auf meinem PC finde beim ausmisten meiner Serverfiles. Meine Mega Cloud [Hidden Content]
  10. Hat jemand Intresse an diese Files ? Sind Fliege Files nichts besonderes, bis jetztigen Systeme funktionieren 100%. -Shining System -PvP System von Vegas -Bann tool von Vegas -Tp Anzeige von Spieler/Monster. - Clientsource hat Max 4 Warning's. - Server source kein Warning. Bei Intresse eine Kommentieren, Wenn niemand meldet, Bekommt der Papier korb sie
  11. Damit ihr nicht lange suchen müsst hab ich euch einfach mal die Libs der Zwei compilermaschinen von mir zur verfügung gestellt 😉 pw ist : ToXiC4k [Hidden Content]
  12. 1. Client 2. Serversource 3. Datenbank Wünsche euch viel Spaß damit. Gruß, Kalibor
  13. Letzte Releases Vor erst ihr bekommt genug von mir in diesem (Release) Mehr Gibt es nicht zu sagen Viel spaß mit den Zeug Good Luck With this Crap 😄 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LAST_RELEASE: Lethal War Client Client (FoXSF) ✔ [RELEASED ACE] NEW 27.01 Uploaded SANORIA2 - CLIENT FILES✔ [RELEASED ACE] NEW 26.01 Uploaded SOMEYA2_UNPACK ✔ [RELEASED ACE] NEW 26.01 Uploaded DEADLINE2 CLIENT_FULL_NO_FILES ✔ [RELEASED ACE] NEW 26.01 Uploaded OLDLINE2-NALUNIA2 _CLIENT✔ [RELEASED] 28.01 UPLOADED SOURCE NOT FOUND USE / FLIEGE NEW ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEME BLENDER_SCRIPTS ✔ OLD 26.01 Uploaded FOX_TOOLS ✔ OLD 26.01 Uploaded FÜR DICH IRGENDWAS ANDERES MIT SYSTEME✔ NEW 27.01 Uploaded SCALE_SASH_SYSTEM ✔ OLD 26.01 Uploaded Deloxone Slot EffectFull ✔ NEW 27.01 Uploaded CHANGER.py // WETTERBOX ✔ NEW 27.01 Uploaded ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- SERVERFILES SANORIA2_GAME ✔ 27.01 SANORIA2_DB ✔ 27.01 SEROX_FLIEGE_SERVERFILES_ACE ✔ UPLOADED 27.01 NEW | OLDLINE2-NALUNIA2 ✔ UPLOADED 28.01 USE PLEASE SOURCE FROM FLIEGE LAST_RELEASE_VOR_ERST
  14. Hi, recently released a new version of llvm (6) and I decided to update the source of vanilla 70220. (NOT TESTED) Download Cryptopp 5.6.5 Boost 1.65.1 Minilzo 2.09 MariaDB 101 DevIL 1.8.7 To install, you will need several packages. pkg install gmake pkg install subversion pkg install clang-devel Compiled on freebsd 11.1 i386 Best regard
  15. NOT MY VIDEO! search: ACMD(do_reload) -cmd_gm.cpp case 'c': ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Reloading cube table."); Cube_init(); break; Add blow: item_manager.cpp Add at end: item_manager.h #ifdef RELOAD_DROP_FLASH void DestroyMobDropItem(); #endif common/service.h #define RELOAD_DROP_FLASH Command in game is /reload m (^.^)
  16. Hallo, poste euch mal das neue Ship Defense system von de, es ist nicht von mir habe es getestet gibt paar Probleme seitens der Quest, villt hat jemand lust das wir es zusammen fixxen. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] weiter folgen wenn ich wieder home bin
  17. Hello everyone, [Hidden Content] Best regards.
  18. ENGLISCH: Here is the Shoutbox for Boards the Version is 4.1 Version is Not Tested GERMAN: Hier ist die Shoutbox für Board's Version 4.1 Version habe ich nicht getestet Viel Spaß Wenn Thread falsch ist Bitte moven King Regards LINK: SHOUTBOX: VERSION 4.1 [ NOT SUPPORTED FROM ME ]
  19. IMAGES [Hidden Content]
  20. 1, Open uitarget.py Find: import event Add: import uiChatBlock import uiban Find: localeInfo.TARGET_BUTTON_EMOTION_ALLOW, Add: "Slow", "Stun", "Kill", "Kick", "ChatBlock", "Ban", Find: self.buttonDict[localeInfo.TARGET_BUTTON_WHISPER].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnWhisper)) Add: self.buttonDict["Slow"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnSlow)) self.buttonDict["Stun"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnStun)) self.buttonDict["Kill"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnKill)) self.buttonDict["Kick"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnKick)) self.buttonDict["ChatBlock"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnChatBlock)) self.buttonDict["Ban"].SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnBan)) Find: self.isShowButton = False Add: #ChatBlock dlgChatBlock = uiChatBlock.ChatBlockDialog() dlgChatBlock.LoadDialog() dlgChatBlock.SetTitleName("ChatBlock") dlgChatBlock.Hide() self.dlgChatBlock = dlgChatBlock #Ban dlgBan = uiban.BanDialog() dlgBan.LoadDialog() dlgBan.SetTitleName("Ban") dlgBan.Hide() self.dlgBan = dlgBan Find: self.hpGauge = None Add: #ChatBlock self.dlgChatBlock.Destroy() self.dlgChatBlock = 0 #Ban self.dlgBan.Destroy() self.dlgBan = 0 Find: self.ShowDefaultButton() Add: if str(player.GetName())[0] == "[": self.__ShowButton("Slow") self.__ShowButton("Stun") self.__ShowButton("Kill") self.__ShowButton("Kick") self.__ShowButton("ChatBlock") self.__ShowButton("Ban") Paste to end of the file: def OnSlow(self): net.SendChatPacket("/slow " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) def OnStun(self): net.SendChatPacket("/stun " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) def OnKill(self): net.SendChatPacket("/kill " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) def OnKick(self): net.SendChatPacket("/dc " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) def OnChatBlock(self): #if os.path.exists('gm.txt') and os.path.isfile('gm.txt'): if str(player.GetName())[0] == "[": self.dlgChatBlock.SetTitleName("ChatBlock: " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) self.dlgChatBlock.Open(str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) def OnBan(self): if str(player.GetName())[0] == "[": self.dlgBan.SetTitleName("Ban: " + str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) self.dlgBan.Open(str(chr.GetNameByVID(self.vid))) 3, uiban.py and uichatblock.py paste to root 4, bandialog.py and chatblockdialog.py paste to uiscript Download: [Hidden Content] Source has been modified and extended based on: [Hidden Content] (by musicinstructor)
  21. Hello, i released this also on m2dl, after a friend asked for it and also there was an opened thread about this. Here you go. (Position and color you can change) Maybe more releases are coming. Kind Regards LordZiege
  22. Easy administration tools and admin panel,you can turn it on or off,you can check for logs (ip who attack you , and will tell you where is the problem is in index.php , db ). You can scan you webhost for shells or bugs or vulnerability. He got a FireWall who protect you from flood attack and ddos on mysql. Function for this protection: * Anti Flood * Anti DDos * Anti SQL injection protection * Anti XSS attack protection * Anti Malicious Code Finder * Remote File Inclusion protection * Guest Port Checking function * Local File Inclusion protection * Null Byte Injection protection * Flood DOS protection * CPU Over-Use protection * Bad Referer protection * Http Ddos protection * Users using proxy server protection * Bad User Agents protection * Database user blocking * .htaccess user blocking * Attack logs viewer * Security vulnerabilites I didn't test it ! I don't know if works well! Download: Link 1 - MediaFire [Hidden Content] Tutorial : How you install it Step 1: Upload the folder " protection " inyour webhost like in the photo Step 2: Open Browser with link/protection And click install please select englisch as language! Step 3: 1. Host : Ip server 2. User : root 3. Pass : password 4. Database : protection 5. Website : your website 6. Create database : Leave "yes" Next settings please read all! Tutorial : How you use it How you log in to your admin panel: Spoiler: Deschidehttp://namesite.com/protection/login/index.php The login adress is /protection/login/index.php Write the admin account andpassword account and login. Questions? Pn but is not my system