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Found 540 results

  1. Guten morgen, ich habe da ein Problem. Und zwar nutze ich die Kori FIles 1.5 und immer direkt wenn ich den Weißen Tau benutze stürzt Core 2 ab (SD2, Grotte,...) hier die syserr vom core 2 Ich hoffe jemand kann mir helfen oder bringt mich eventuell auf nen grünen Zweig. Liebe Grüße
  2. Mir ist gerade erst aufgefallen, dass der Teleporter/Warpring nicht geht(kann sie nicht anklicken, obwohl quests vorhanden sind und ich sie auch in der DB anklickbar gemacht habe)
  3. Hey, habe soeben das Duell System von VegaS eingebaut. Folgendes Problem: Spieler 1 bietet zb 100000Yang Spieler 2 nimmt die Anfrage nicht an undschaltet FREI ein und tötet Spieler 1 danach bekommt Spieler 1 das Yang und Spieler 2 besitzt immer noch das Yang Also Yang verdopplung des Grauens ^^ Villeicht weiß jemand wie man soetwas beheben kann 😄 mfg Marvin
  4. Unknown subheader 9 - Sometimes the items disappear when I add them to the shop Unknown subheader 3 - The items not appear when I edit the shop (These problems do not always arise but when appear is disaster ...)
  5. hey.. i I can not see description Sash and any item By time syserr: 1027 15:18:50958 :: File "ui.py", line 1921, in OnOverInItem 1027 15:18:50959 :: File "ui.py", line 88, in __call__ 1027 15:18:50959 :: File "ui.py", line 79, in __call__ 1027 15:18:50959 :: File "uisystemgems.py", line 291, in OverInItem 1027 15:18:50959 :: File "uiToolTip.py", line 1312, in AddItemData 1027 15:18:50959 :: TypeError 1027 15:18:50959 :: : 1027 15:18:50959 :: 'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__' 1027 15:18:50959 :: 1027 15:18:52410 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 1027 15:18:52410 :: File "ui.py", line 1921, in OnOverInItem 1027 15:18:52410 :: File "ui.py", line 88, in __call__ 1027 15:18:52411 :: File "ui.py", line 79, in __call__ 1027 15:18:52411 :: File "uisystemgems.py", line 291, in OverInItem 1027 15:18:52411 :: File "uiToolTip.py", line 1455, in AddItemData 1027 15:18:52411 :: TypeError 1027 15:18:52411 :: : 1027 15:18:52411 :: 'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__' 1027 15:18:52411 ::
  6. Hi guys...i have been trying to resolve this problem for 2 days... let me explain: In introLogin.py i would to reload uiScriptLocale and localeInfo (imported at the head of introLogin), so i wrote this: def ReloadLogin: reload(uiScriptLocale) reload(introLogin) But syserr say me: 1104 09:12:03242 :: ImportError 1104 09:12:03242 :: : 1104 09:12:03242 :: No module named uiScriptLocale 1104 09:12:03242 :: I tryed also: reload(sys.modules['uiScriptLocale']) Same error...why?!? reload() is a built-in function so i really don't understand... someone have some idea?
  7. Hi folks ! The ingame browser it's quite old and doesnt support some newer websites. maybe can someone tell how we make an upgrade with Chromium or Awesomium ,for browser of ingame? (^.^)
  8. Premise:The system in question is integrated into the client through the use of existing libraries! it was enough to enable it through some modifications of the source and to define the various commands, make the installation very simple and intuitive I assure you! What can i do?It is expected that by the end of the realization of this system you can fully use the client "PG, game windows and maybe even chat", at the moment you can use the PG. Have you a release date?At the moment no, the work still requires the care of many details.Have a video about this system?This V 0.1 Alpha "DirectInput" This V 0.2 Alpha "XInput" This V 0.3 Alpha "New Functions" FEATURES: * Migration to XInput and abandonment of DirectInput support * Adding vibration vibration & low life "PS and Xbox Controller" * QuickSlot that can be recalled by pressing the O (PSX) or B (X360) button * Defined DeadZone "Analog" * Added Settings window "Under construction" * Added virtual keyboard to write in chat and more; * Added character selection via controller; * Addition of Auto-Select NPC / MOB / PG and with the pressure of X (PS) A (XBOX) its relative function; * Added quest and selection navigation; this topic is aimed at collecting everything concerning this system "Ideas, comments, criticism" provided they are constructive.
  9. Hey Devs, habe da ein kleines Problem was mich zurzeit Stört .. wenn ich den server über Putty schließe und dann wieder starte ist mein Character nicht gespeichert worden habe also eine alte Position und Items fehlen. Wollte nun schauen wie ich das Problem beheben kann habe mal eine anderen Skript genommen von den Kori files und das Problem ist immer noch vorhanden. Habt ihr mir Tipps wie ich es beheben kann Db conf.txt close.sh mfg Marvin
  10. Some players reported that not all the times, but when killing a metin they get dc. Anyone knows what i should check?
  11. Hello I'm looking for Hide Shining's Hallo Ich suche ein system womit ich Shinings ausblenden kann
  12. Hi, When i start writting a PM to someone everything looks normal: But after i press the OK Button this "ghost" button appears When i click on it a message appears saying that the button has no use. How can i delete it? Or find it to add a function for example block a player? Does anyone know a fix for this?
  13. Hey i've been wondering if anyone has a tournament pvp system that can share. I dont care if there are minor bugs , just tell me down which the bugs are and i will try to solve them and post them later here.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? In file included from vip.cpp:5: vip.h:11: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'TVIPTable' with no type vip.h:11: error: expected ';' before '*' token vip.h:12: error: 'TVIPTable' has not been declared vip.h:19: error: 'TVIPTable' was not declared in this scope vip.h:19: error: template argument 2 is invalid vip.h:19: error: template argument 4 is invalid vip.cpp: In member function 'void CVIPManager::Initialize()': vip.cpp:20: error: request for member 'clear' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp: In member function 'void CVIPManager::ClearVIPTable()': vip.cpp:30: error: request for member 'empty' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp:32: error: request for member 'clear' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp: At global scope: vip.cpp:36: error: prototype for 'bool CVIPManager::InsertVIP(TVIPTable*)' does not match any in class 'CVIPManager' vip.h:12: error: candidate is: bool CVIPManager::InsertVIP(int*) vip.cpp: In member function 'bool CVIPManager::InsertVIP(TVIPTable*)': vip.cpp:38: error: request for member 'insert' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp: At global scope: vip.cpp:42: error: no 'TVIPTable* CVIPManager::FindVIP(int)' member function declared in class 'CVIPManager' vip.cpp: In member function 'TVIPTable* CVIPManager::FindVIP(int)': vip.cpp:44: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'it' with no type vip.cpp:44: error: request for member 'find' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp:46: error: request for member 'end' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp:51: error: base operand of '->' is not a pointer vip.cpp: In member function 'void CVIPManager::GiveEffects(CHARACTER*)': vip.cpp:61: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'it' with no type vip.cpp:61: error: request for member 'begin' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp:63: error: request for member 'end' in '((CVIPManager*)this)->CVIPManager::m_map_pkVIP', which is of non-class type 'int' vip.cpp:65: error: base operand of '->' is not a pointer gmake: *** [OBJDIR_GAME/vip.o] Error 1 gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
  15. Hey Zusammen, habe ein Problem mit dem Titel System von Vegas. Sobald ich versuche mein Titel zu ändern bekomme ich einen Kick DB Syserr Client Syserr: weiß jemand wie ich das beheben kann ? mfg Marvin
  16. after i upgrade an item with 6/7 one of bonus vanish. VIDEO: [Hidden Content]
  17. Hey, habe ein Problem mit dem Waffenkostüm das ich eingefügt habe .. Das Waffenkostüm kann ich ausrüsten obwohl keine Waffe ausgerüstet ist. Kein Syserr eintrag im Server und Client mfg Marvin
  18. WoM2 is looking for a quest programmer with a good knowledge of both Lua/Aargscript and English language to write quests and to develop events together with our game design team and the source developers. You must be over 18 years of age, be familiar with the game, have a reasonably free schedule, and above all creativity. Extensive programming skills are not necessary, but having some degree of fluency writing English texts is more relevant; therefore, custom functions can be developed at your request by the source developers. We offer a competitive pay and a professional, efficient work environment together with some of the biggest talent in the scene. For inquiries write to shogun@wom2.org. Also do not forget to state your experience in the email.
  19. Könnte mir jemand helfen das Ilumina interface einzubauen in den clienten?
  20. Guten Abend, 1 Frage ; Bei den Fliege files sind ja nur TXT datein vorhanden ( item_proto und mob_proto ) jedoch kann man in den config ja NO_TXT;1 machen um dies zu deaktivieren sodas die item und mob_proto wieder aus der datenbank geladen werden jedoch hier meine frage wie bekomme ich die TXT datein in der Datenbank rein als Item_proto und Mob-proto dort ist bei mir keine vorhanden? 2 Frage ; Ich hab jetzt bei einer neu eingefügten Lua ein fehler könnte mir jemand erklären was dort fehlt ? attempt to index field `category_id' (a nil value)
  21. Hi ! (Sorry for my bad english...) I've a problem with the costume Mount system, i explain : If, in my item_proto, I set the mount on : ITEM_QUEST, the mount came, but, the item don't go in costumewindows Whereas if I put in my proto : ITEM_COSTUME and COSTUME_MOUNT, item go in costumewindows, but the mount don't spawn... If anyone has an idea of where the problem may come from? Thank you.
  22. Ich hab ein problem ingame an was könnte es liegen? der rest von der taskbar wird gefixxt ich hab nur den Fehler mit den lücken ... & Charfenster Ist alles gefixxt kann geschlossen werden
  23. English: Hello, I installed the special inventory a few weeks ago. I see this today: Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you very much. Deutsch: Hallo, ich habe vor ein paar Wochen das special inventory eingebaut. Heute ist mir das hier aufgefallen: Weiß jemand wie man das fixxt? Vielen Dank!
  24. Hey guys i've been wondering if i can make the Wind Shoes somehow to not be worn in the slots in the inventory but on the top left corner of the screen, like those Dragon God Life,Defence,Attack etc. Thanks for your time.
  25. Hello! I have a problem with the mobs, when i use bravery cape, and i pulling them. I can't damage then mobs 2-3 second.