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Found 483 results

  1. Good m2tec! for some time I have been struggling with the gold ingot system from the source! So far all right! except to give me the yang but not delete my item from the inventory! Can anyone tell me what, how and where did I go wrong ???? [and would still be incomplete! I would like when I reach the 1.9kkk limit to give me a 500kk ingot and drop my yang (not to get the famous overflow)] The system looks like this: char.cpp char.h char_item.cpp constants.cpp constants.h log.cpp log.h .sql table
  2. Hello, Recently I found a bug, that happens every time I'm either breaking a metin and then get poison from some monster that came from the metin or even a stand alone monster... (we found this bug on metin 8009 (monsters from desert, v2), the monsters give poison and the server crash) Sometimes when I teleport to other maps (if the map is on another core) the server crashs (this if poison is given by a player and not a monster) This is the debug: root@sv1:/usr/home/game/share/bin # lldb game -c game.core (lldb) target create "game" --core "game.core" Core file '/usr/home/game/share/bin/game.core' (i386) was loaded. (lldb) bt all * thread #1, name = 'game', stop reason = signal SIGSEGV * frame #0: game`CHARACTER::Damage(this=0x469f7640, pAttacker=0x00000000, dam=1010, type=DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON) at char_battle.cpp:2121 frame #1: game`long poison_event(event=LPEVENT @ 0x00000008, processing_time=0) at char_resist.cpp:68 frame #2: 0x08490850 game`nBATTLE_ARENA_MAP + 16 thread #2, name = 'game', stop reason = signal SIGSEGV frame #0: 0x2889c8e9 libc.so.7`__umtx_op + 5 frame #1: 0x28888bac libc.so.7`sem_clockwait_np + 236 frame #2: 0x28888c70 libc.so.7`sem_wait + 32 frame #3: 0x0848e4e8 game`CSemaphore::Wait(void) + 24 thread #3, name = 'game', stop reason = signal SIGSEGV frame #0: 0x2889c8e9 libc.so.7`__umtx_op + 5 frame #1: 0x28888bac libc.so.7`sem_clockwait_np + 236 frame #2: 0x28888c70 libc.so.7`sem_wait + 32 frame #3: 0x0848e4e8 game`CSemaphore::Wait(void) + 24 thread #4, name = 'game', stop reason = signal SIGSEGV frame #0: 0x2889c8e9 libc.so.7`__umtx_op + 5 frame #1: 0x28888bac libc.so.7`sem_clockwait_np + 236 frame #2: 0x28888c70 libc.so.7`sem_wait + 32 frame #3: 0x0848e4e8 game`CSemaphore::Wait(void) + 24 (lldb) Lines from char_battle.cpp: if (type != DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL && type != DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL_RANGE) { if (IsAffectFlag(AFF_TERROR)) //THIS IS LINE 2121 { int pct = GetSkillPower(SKILL_TERROR) / 400; if (number(1, 100) <= pct) return false; } } Lines from char_resist.cpp: EVENTFUNC(poison_event) { TPoisonEventInfo * info = dynamic_cast<TPoisonEventInfo *>( event->info ); if ( info == NULL ) { sys_err( "poison_event> <Factor> Null pointer" ); return 0; } LPCHARACTER ch = info->ch; if (ch == NULL) { // <Factor> return 0; } LPCHARACTER pkAttacker = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(info->attacker_pid); int dam = ch->GetMaxHP() * GetPoisonDamageRate(ch) / 1000; if (test_server) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, "Poison Damage %d", dam); if (ch->Damage(pkAttacker, dam, DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON)) //THIS IS LINE 68 { ch->m_pkPoisonEvent = NULL; return 0; } --info->count; if (info->count) return PASSES_PER_SEC(3); else { ch->m_pkPoisonEvent = NULL; return 0; } } Is anyone able to help me? Thank you all
  3. How can i make this system to show all bonuses? Just item bonuses (without 1-4/5 bonuses) can be see.. Otherwise everything goes well. How i resolve this??
  4. I have an issue with pet system. First of it is the Mob Scale, that I have no idea how to combine with sash system to work both together. The second one is an issue with pet skill tree window. All of the windows are locked and there is no pet name on the sigil that is supposed to be there since the moment of hatching a pet. There is no lifespan left and no slots for skills shown when hovering mouse over the sigil icon. The gui shows age=0 days. The command /ip shuts the server down. So far I found these issues only. SS: [Hidden Content] If there is anyone who could provide some help with it I would be grateful.
  5. Hey guys about the destroy item dropdialog, i would like to "expand" this, so as players can destroy dragonsouls too. Thanks for your time.
  6. [Hidden Content] i did this tutorial but i have errors like thats: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) i have this problem when i press "mysql_secure_installation" help please thx my freebsd 11.2 so latest
  7. Hello guys. I have the following code (i think everyone have the same): As you can see, it has vnum range (for example this: if vnum >= 16210 and vnum <= 16219) . I want to modify this function, to work, for EVERY vnum. I mean: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType or elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: or elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType, to show which accessory material it has from the list (this is the list: 50623, 50624, 50625, 50626, 50627, 50628, 50629, 50630, 50631, 50632, 50633, 50634, 50635, 50636, 50637, 50638). Can anyone help me? ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST = [50623, 50624, 50625, 50626, 50627, 50628, 50629, 50630, 50631, 50632, 50633, 50634, 50635, 50636, 50637, 50638] JewelAccessoryInfos = [ # jewel wrist neck ear [ 50634, 14420, 16220, 17220 ], [ 50635, 14500, 16500, 17500 ], [ 50636, 14520, 16520, 17520 ], [ 50637, 14540, 16540, 17540 ], [ 50638, 14560, 16560, 17560 ], ] def GET_ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_VNUM(vnum, subType): ret = vnum item_base = (vnum / 10) * 10 for info in JewelAccessoryInfos: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: if info[1] == item_base: return info[0] elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: if info[2] == item_base: return info[0] elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: if info[3] == item_base: return info[0] if vnum >= 16210 and vnum <= 16219: return 50625 if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: WRIST_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 14000 ret -= WRIST_ITEM_VNUM_BASE elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: NECK_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 16000 ret -= NECK_ITEM_VNUM_BASE elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: EAR_ITEM_VNUM_BASE = 17000 ret -= EAR_ITEM_VNUM_BASE type = ret/20 if type<0 or type>=len(ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST): type = (ret-170) / 20 if type<0 or type>=len(ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST): return 0 return ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_LIST[type]
  8. Hello community i have problem with FR_NOVA make_xml not generate all content only <File ArchivedPath="d:/ymir work/terrainmaps/stone1.dds"><![CDATA[../Client/Terrain/stone1.dds]]></File> thanks for help and sorry for my english Server files clean by Undyne my Antivirus is AVG
  9. Hey, so i'm using nirvana files, if it helps, and whenever i try to invite someone to my group, nothing happens.. Syserrs are clean, no errors. I had the same problem with duel but i could fix by removing on if condition, so i was wondering in which files are the group functions, invites/accepts/declines/... so i could try and fix it. Any help is appreciated! Thank you
  10. Hi m2tec. I have one question. How unlock FRAME COUNT? more than 60FPS. HOW GET FOR EXAMPLE 80-120 FPS? or FIX freeze client with a large number of monsters. I hope you understand what I mean
  11. Hi everyone, so i'm using nirvana 3.0 server files and client and i noticed a bug where i try to use a mount and it doesn't let me, when i try to call a horse, it is succeed but the horse doesn't come to me, and i can't mount the horse or any mounts. I tried via quests, horse.ride() and pc.mount(), nothing works, seems like a non existent system here, can anyone give me a help in this problem? :\ Thannk you, best regards
  12. hello, where i can change max limit attack\move ? (fix speed hack) i try in char.cpp change: case POINT_ATT_SPEED: min_limit = 0; if (IsPC()) limit = 170; but this dont helped
  13. Hey there, I just wanted to add the CombatZone System of Vegas, but I get some errors at the end of the compile process, could someone help me? That's the error.
  14. Hey, I guess the picture is enough to say.I want to start the Client, and that's the result.After pressing "OK" the Syserr adds "RunMain Error". Can someone help me?
  15. Premise:The system in question is integrated into the client through the use of existing libraries! it was enough to enable it through some modifications of the source and to define the various commands, make the installation very simple and intuitive I assure you! What can i do?It is expected that by the end of the realization of this system you can fully use the client "PG, game windows and maybe even chat", at the moment you can use the PG. Have you a release date?At the moment no, the work still requires the care of many details.Have a video about this system?This V 0.1 Alpha "DirectInput" This V 0.2 Alpha "XInput" This V 0.3 Alpha "New Functions" FEATURES: * Migration to XInput and abandonment of DirectInput support * Adding vibration vibration & low life "PS and Xbox Controller" * QuickSlot that can be recalled by pressing the O (PSX) or B (X360) button * Defined DeadZone "Analog" * Added Settings window "Under construction" * Added virtual keyboard to write in chat and more; * Added character selection via controller; * Addition of Auto-Select NPC / MOB / PG and with the pressure of X (PS) A (XBOX) its relative function; * Added quest and selection navigation; this topic is aimed at collecting everything concerning this system "Ideas, comments, criticism" provided they are constructive.
  16. Hello guys, I want to know how to do some things I have tried a lot but I dont find a good solution... 1. How to do an active affect for Blend like this [Hidden Content] 2. How to do blend time infinite, I just want to active and deactivate the effect of this item. 3. How to change Wind Shoes time to infinite too. 4. How to change the change the time of Ebony in Ebony Earrings (and other accs) to infinite. 5. How to do Sun Elixir infinite too, without a limit. Thank you so much, I'll appreciate a lot, and sorry for my english
  17. I´m searching for do one multilanguage system for my Server. Requirements: - Change language in login interface, i've write the flags code in my client. - Can translate: locale_string.txt, translate.lua (Quests), and cliente locale(locale_game.txt, locale_interface.txt and etc...) if have anyone this system, and wants to sharing on frum will be great!
  18. Hey guys does anyone knows how to make an option in the Options Menu that will allow to players to hide Pets and OfflineShops/Shops so as he can play without lag?
  19. Hey guys i've been wondering how im able to set the ore that each item takes. (By ore i mean the items that are set on those empty slots under an item when you open the slot using a diamond) Thanks very much for your time.
  20. Halle Leute, ich habe ein kleines Problem.. Habe versehentlich die Falsche Festplatte formatiert und wollte mal nach fragen ob ein Recovery Tool alles wiederherstellen kann. Es handelt um die Game Source und den Client Source, ich erwähne es nur damit Ihr bescheid wisst dass ich mit einem JPEG Recovery tool nichts anfangen kann. Würde mich auf nützliche Beiträge sehr freuen.
  21. Hello! I have a problem with the mobs, when i use bravery cape, and i pulling them. I can't damage then mobs 2-3 second.
  22. Hi m2tec! Somebody can help me please? My problem is my dragon soul system is working fine except the rubi, the problem is in the refine (antique to legendary)... I can refine all stones except the rubi ancient (Example: I can refine rubi normal, rubi rare, rubi cut, and all the others type of stones, but the rubi antique i can't...).
  23. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] kann man die so lassen oder sollte dort noch irgendwas verändert werden ?