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About Me

Found 41 results

  1. Moin, gibts nicht viel drüber zu sagen. Bei Fehler könnt ihr euch melden. [Hidden Content] Fixes für die 2x2 Desertcave : [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content] 2x2 Desertcave 5x5 Desertmap
  2. Hi, Halloween is almost here and i've finished halloween stuff for this year. As always i release something for free, for this time the halloween broom mount. If you are interesthing on more halloween stuff, click to spoiler Download link is in description of the broom mount. Download link: [Hidden Content]]
  3. I dont know if this is already public but I share with you: Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Hello Evryone Today i public my first pokemon pet pack. Pokemons in archive: Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Charmander Preview: Link: [Hidden Content] Password of the archive: [Hidden Content] #Update1 Pokemons in archive: Squirtle and Nidoran(Male version) Link: [Hidden Content]
  5. FlasH

    3d SNS Costume

    Download (^_^)
  6. Enjoy [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] D:\ymir work\item\weapon\Ksjeu_Anim\weapon_jin.dds
  7. Hello guys, i want to share this mount (seal) for free. If you have any question, you can contact me on these platforms: ------------------------------------------------------- Seal: wait: [Hidden Content] run: [Hidden Content] dead: [Hidden Content] DL: [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------------- Skype: oncemoron Discord: meisterViper#2656 or FB: [Hidden Content] Best Regards meisterViper
  8. Armor and weapon made by BombWork-Studio. (A.W.P Set v11 / A.W.P Set v10) v10 v11 Download v10 Download v10 (^_^)
  9. M1 for free :] Jinno,chunjo,shinsoo Download; [Hidden Content] More SS: [Hidden Content] Fck this idiot>> [Hidden Content]
  10. Moin, habe auf meiner externen noch das Löwen Mount entdeckt und dachte mir evtl. könnte es der ein oder andere gebrauchen. Viel Spaß damit. Download: [Hidden Content]
  11. [Hidden Content] \ All set with bell/fan and more.
  12. würde gerne ein altes archiv mit euch teilen beinhaltet alles mobs, metins ,mounts, pets, waffen, rüstungen, frisuren und so weiter also mit diesen archiv ist man für alles bewaffnet Stuff auf wunsch tu ich paar bilder teilen also finde das wichtige sind waffen rüstungen mounts pets und mobs waffen rüstungen mobs pets mounts
  13. Link: [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moinsen, Hatte diese Rüssi noch aufm PC rumliegen gehabt und sehen dafür keine Verwendung. Leider sind keine Icons dabei (finde die nicht mehr) Wünsche euch viel Spaß damit.
  14. Download (^_^)
  15. Map name: Witch Town Size: 5x5 I hope u like this map , i send link for free download in few days , also u can find this free download on my website (in few days).
  16. Map name: Fantasy land Size: 3x3 I hope u like my new map - Fantasy land.
  17. Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  18. Schwarz / Weißes Waffenset. Keine lust sie einzubauen bzw. Screens zu machen. [Hidden Content]
  19. Hi guys! I didnt release some map long time ago. So here its small 2x2 map with 2 mobs, boss and metnistone Everything is done and prepared just for install. You need granny 2.9 for the objects and monsters. Dont release it on other forums please. If you will have any problem, dont write me private message, write right here to the topic. I dont offer support for this free map. If you are interested about more stuff, visit my web [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD
  20. Hi, i just released an underwater dungeon and i want to release something from this dungeon for free. So here is an underwater egg metin. I hope you will like it! You can see the egg in the video below. Download
  21. Hi! Some days ago i've finished my new natural map and i want to give your something for free! So here is Natural boss 1 (ripped from bns). If you are interest of this map, just let me know on skype Video (You can find the boss on 6:10) Download:
  22. AuraEfekt.rar
  23. Hi, this is my first map. I worked on it for 7 hours.