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About Me

Found 19 results

  1. Hello guys, i in free time create design for client (ingame design is not include). A have just 1 question. Do you want this for free with PSD + complete create and select character or just upload PSD and you complete design alone When you want code this design i can, but not for free. Best Regards Patrik Ehrler
  2. Hi all ! I want to share you some gloss armor & weapon corrections . There are only 105 not the 115 or anything else. The folder has models & textures ! Weapons screens : Armors at day Armors at night : What's your opinion about this ? Download : HERE ! Xayah,
  3. Hello ! I just shared a lot of work, a month and a week of finishing to correct the armor brilliance from level 0 to 70! Overview : Warriors : Shamans : Suras : Ninjas : Download : HERE ! Give me your opinion about this ! Xayah,
  4. In the last few days I've used Photoshop frequently, and I needed icons at some point. In order not to repeat the resize every time, I've created an action in Photoshop to do this automatically, and I leave it here if you need it. It has two options: 1. Resize to 32x32 on the F5 key 2. Resize to 64x64 on the F6 key What does this do? Resize, renames if it already exists, saves and closes the image. [Hidden Content] For those who do not know how to import an action ... just Google it. Best regards.
  5. Two tiny javascripts for community designers,( and for who uses PS in general), that export / import the Guides at a time. Put the files in App / photoshop / preset / scripts, then run them from the file / scripts menu: Make a text document and paste this content in it: Then save it as Export, or ExportGuides or whatewer, with .jsx extension. Make another text document and paste this content in it: and save it as Import, ImportGuides, or..., also with .jsx extension. You will always have guides saved for later use. Best regards.
  6. Hello everybody I brought you my new patcher design Hoping you will like it Preview: Link: [Hidden Content]
  7. Hey everyone. I want to release a complete ingame interface design, with a webdesign in psd. It's a redesigned version of the Evil-S MMORPG GUI, which made by LovePlay. The rar only contains psd files. Pictures: Ingame interface concept Ingame interface concept 2. Empire flag(s) Character create concept Character select concept Login concept The webdesign Download: Mega.nz, GoogleDrive
  8. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Someone can provide me with models for World Editor. These photos are from some resources but it was not possible in any of them.
  10. ENGLISCH i release Top homepage from Rubinum, Errors/And Problems Not Supported GERMAN: ich Release die Top Homepage von Rubinum , Probleme Fehler Sonstiges Nicht Supported LINK: REMOVED [ NOT SUPPORTED ]
  11. Hello 'Tecs. Today I would like to share with you the effect of the new items from Rubinum. I'll not write the part of the c++ to you, so good luck and have fun. [Hidden Content]
  12. Hello, i found it in another forum, so if its public, i can share it for u guys. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. Open uiaffectshower.py Find: "image" : [ ("icon/item/5082%d.tga" % (i + 1)) for i in xrange(len("affect")) ], Replace: "image" : [ ("icon/item/5083%d.tga" % (i + 1)) for i in xrange(len("affect")) ], Icon download link: [Hidden Content] Here is source : [Hidden Content] ( by Vegas)
  14. .Ace

    2d SHIRO2-PACK

    Release Shiro2 - PACK LINK REMOVED IS NOT SUPPORTED FROM ME -Shiro2 Homepage is Not Tested
  15. Hallo hier ein Scrennshot was alles Dabei ist -> Download Link:
  16. thread closed - Deamon
  17. ONLY GERMAN THREAD Wollt ihr ein Release von der Rework? Homepage Ja / Nein eine PSD Werde ich nicht dabei legen das rework der homepage liegt bei mir Hier ist ein Screenshot: