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  1. Hello everyone, I come to share my progress on my Serverfile for my server World2Metin. I divided in 2 the part of the presentation of my server. The first part consists of presenting the work on the sources and the second part will only be dedicated to the gameplay of the game. Some information about the sources: - I started from 0 using the crazy branch (mainline) - I started working on it a few months ago - I started by removing everything that was useless and took up space - I still have to delete some details but nothing urgent - I work alone in my src - I keep updating because I still have a lot of things to add fix level and additions _________________________________________________________ [SF - FIX SERVER] _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ [SF - FIX CLIENT] _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ [SF - MODIFICATION] _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ [SF - SYSTEM] _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ [SF - LIST OF DEFINE SERVICE.H] _________________________________________________________ I'll add pictures later, I still have a lot to put but I stop there for today
  2. Hello m2tech, Today i will release the fix for invisibility effect bug and the AFFECT_EUNHYEONG = sealth ninja skill from 17.5 Official update. What has my hide system, it is imperative to apply this fix. Open instancebase.cpp and search for: BOOL CInstanceBase::IsInvisibility() { if (IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY)) return true; return false; } Replace with: BOOL CInstanceBase::IsInvisibility() { if (IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) || IsAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG)) return true; return false; } Search for: void CInstanceBase::Update() { Inside the function search for: if (IsMountingHorse()) { m_kHorse.m_pkActor->HORSE_MotionProcess(false); } } Add bellow: if (IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) || IsAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG)) m_GraphicThingInstance.HideAllAttachingEffect(); Open InstanceBaseEffect.cpp and search for: void CInstanceBase::__SetAffect(UINT eAffect, bool isVisible) { Inside the function search: case AFFECT_INVISIBILITY: if (isVisible) { m_GraphicThingInstance.ClearAttachingEffect(); __EffectContainer_Destroy(); DetachTextTail(); } else { m_GraphicThingInstance.BlendAlphaValue(1.0f, 1.0f); AttachTextTail(); RefreshTextTail(); } return; break; } Replace with: case AFFECT_INVISIBILITY: if (isVisible) { // m_GraphicThingInstance.ClearAttachingEffect(); // __EffectContainer_Destroy(); // DetachTextTail(); m_GraphicThingInstance.HideAllAttachingEffect(); } else { m_GraphicThingInstance.BlendAlphaValue(1.0f, 1.0f); m_GraphicThingInstance.ShowAllAttachingEffect(); // AttachTextTail(); // RefreshTextTail(); } return; break; Thanks to legend for this sharing.
  3. Use the spoiler in the future, thank you.
  4. Subject resolved or unanswered, I close.
  5. Sorry but this system comes from me, I do not take or copy the work of others. As I said on my topic, EFFECT INVISIBILITY is buggy basic by ymir The fix is present on mt2dev, I would share it when I have a little time Please do not ask for help on sharing topics, if you need help, create a topic please.
  6. No request for help on sharing topics please Thank you to create a topic in the appropriate section
  7. You need add some code for detect all column for attr bonus in uitooltip.py But first we have to make sure that the C ++ part sends all the bonuses.
  8. Madara


    Presentation of Madara, I am a moderators of forums. The other things to know about me : I'm 19 years old and I live in France. I started metin at the age of 9, and I started making servers in 2015. I'm not a developer but I'm doing well to create some system, if I can help, I'll do it ! I really like this forum, that's why I'll make sure that it works. You can contact me by private messaging or discord in case of problem Discord: Madara#5210 That's all for me May this forum bring you happiness for your virtual projects!
  9. This tut is not complete, you need edit some code or you will have munch problem ingame Maybe i will do it
  10. If you want my help, start with the polite phrases Then create a request for help in the appropriate section and I will help you.
  11. Yes, and to my knowledge, many large international servers have removed this system and encryption packets.
  12. if you use proto with txt, you replace REAL_TIME by LIMIT_NONE and 0 for the value. the best solution for me and review the blend_item.cpp code