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  1. You are a fucking star! Well Done and wish you best luck in the future
  2. Its only python and locale The interface is useless i think as i have a suspicion that there is some src coding to it and there are no images with this release
  3. Ive Searched for the fix and i have not seen anyone with this issue but i am in the process of reinstalling game source as when i have asked around that is most likely the place the error is if there is any and its not just shoddy coding would be the game src
  4. There is no syserr regarding this in channel core 1 and syslog only has entries for spawning and opening dialog
  5. Let me double check syslog and syserr but there is nothing in client syserr
  6. Hey there, I am using some files and after a while i realised that Absorption does not work on the sash system. The Dialog opens but i cant put Sash on the slot and there is no apparent error that i can see that would cause this. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  7. Serverside or Clientside? and what exactly could it be what function?
  8. Ok so this error is really weird. I can open an offline shop without an issue and it will display correctly but if i relog or reboot the server the target display disappears. Does anyone know where this error could be occurring Python? Src? if in Src where would i need to look? Example :
  9. Ok now i have solved this error however when i go to open the shop it dc's the client and shows this error on serverside syserr SYSERR: Aug 17 00:29:16.67143 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 38, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 67, fd: 19 SYSERR: Aug 17 00:29:16.345463 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 245, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 84, fd: 19 Anyone know why this is or where this error could be? They seem to change everyime i try or maybe because i tried opening private shop in the timeout option rather than 2 days SYSERR: Aug 17 00:21:59.620214 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 165, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 67, fd: 19 SYSERR: Aug 17 00:21:59.939591 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 173, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 84, fd: 19 SYSERR: Aug 17 00:22:00.259761 :: Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 229, LAST HEADER: 0(0), REMAIN BYTES: 101, fd: 19
  10. #Update Now this error is apparent in python 0816 00:37:25411 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0816 00:37:25411 :: File "ui.py", line 1488, in CallEvent 0816 00:37:25411 :: File "ui.py", line 134, in __call__ 0816 00:37:25411 :: File "ui.py", line 116, in __call__ 0816 00:37:25411 :: File "uinewshop.py", line 122, in CreateShop 0816 00:37:25412 :: IndexError 0816 00:37:25412 :: : 0816 00:37:25412 :: list index out of range 0816 00:37:25412 ::