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  1. Update 3.5 is now done!DC vouchers are here.You will have a chance to drop 50, 100, 500 and 1000 DC vouchers from Blue Death, Razador, En-Tai and Fire Dragon!For lower level players you will have the chance to get 50 DC voucher from Nine Tails, Flame King and Yellow Ghost Tiger! Beside this Finger bones are now dropable at 50-90 level map and Sewing Pattern and Armour Design are now dropable from En-Tai boss! With Love Your Creature Metin2 Team
  2. In last reboot we had next changes: CHANGES: Some materials now are tradeable,dropable. Incerased level of Blue Death to 110. Incerased level of Fire Dragon to 110. Incerased level of Beacon to 110. Incerased level of Golden Frog to 110. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  3. In last reboot we had next changes: CHANGES: New Materials are stackable now. Reduced respawn time for the new boss. Decreased upgrading materials for new pvp weapons. Reduced Razador's power. Increased drop rate of new materials from the new boss. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  4. Update 3.4 is now done!Dear Creature Metin2 players we want to thank you for your patience the last dayswith the hard work we finaly finished one of our big updates! www.creaturemetin2.comAs we opened the Leveling/Farm map 105-120 level, you can now farm the needed materialsto craft your new weapons made from 105 level weapons with the remaining bonuses,but this time it's more about PvP with the new weapons at +9 you will have double demi-humansfor example: Rune sword+9 gives you 15 demi humans and 15 strenght and Baron Sword+9 will give you30 demi humans and 30 strenght the attack value and magicial value are increased much as well!And let's not forget the new PvP armours!You can upgrade your 105 level PvP armours to the Hwang armour or better said King's and Queen's armours!Which will give you awsome PvP bonuses, but don't think that will be easy it will be the hardest thingthat you ever did in metin to make those armours and PvP weapons at +9! Only the best farmers will successto do it!GOOD LUCK! Your Creature Metin2 Team!
  5. Update 3.3! Dear Creature Metin 2 players we want to present you our new leveling map! We're trying to make it easier for the players 50-90! Creature Metin2 Team wishes you happy lvling!
  6. Update 3.2! Dear Creature Metin 2 players we want to present you our new helmets in our new update, you can now make your epic helmet with double half humans!80 level helmets can be upgraded now to 100 level helmets wtih remaining bonuses that you have plus at +9 you will get 10% half humans and 15% block!Regards Creature Metin2 Team!
  7. Here is our update 3.0 with many game changes! We have also implemented new boss ingame! For more details about this update you can find on our forum ! Update 3.0 New Boss
  8. Happy Easter! Dear players our Easter event is now on, Easter Metin stones can be found in grotto1 and grotto2!You can Drop the Magic Egg to open and a lot of amazing stuffs!
  9. In update v2.6 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Fruit of Life are now sellable. Wind Shoes are now sell,drop,trade/able. Gold Bar's Bug is fixed. Pet's Bug is fixed. DD Alchemy system fixed. Protein Snack drop is reduced. NEW FIXES AND UPDATES ARE COMING SOON! Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team!
  10. In the small patch update we have the next fixes:CHANGES:Added new translations.Added description for some item's.Loading screens are changed with new ones.Soon in client will be added Turkish language.Greetings,Creature Metin2 Team!
  11. In update v2.5 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Improved low level Boss drops. Low level Boss Boxe's now contains very usefull items. Blessing of Life are now Stackable. Fixed Blue Dragon Room Quest. Added 50DC Voucher as drop in some bosse's. Test football event is running. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team!
  12. In update v2.4 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Fixed Razador hp regeneration. Added new costumes for events. Balanced game to be bit easier for begginers. in next 2.5 update will bew changed loading images and some game improvements. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  13. Update 2.1:Increasted bonus changer drop to:Metins level 45-80 - now will drop 7 changers!Metins level 85+ now will drop 13 changers!
  14. Creature Metin2 is an international Old-Middleschool pvm - pvp serverServer was started at 29.10.2017 um 22:00 UhrAll ITEMSHOP items can be obtained ingame!Here Are the presentation ! WEB LINK