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  1. If you have kill event on metin try to replicate it. Example: if after 10 metin killed you receive something... try to destroy 10metin and if you crash on last metin so you have understood problem. Without information (syserr server, syserr client) is very hard help you.
  2. Do you have a quest on event kill?
  3. Source not menage graphics because python do this. Past uiwhisper from root
  4. Do you receive error into syserr?
  5. uiScript/whisperdialog.py Here you have structure, if something appear, in this file you (maybe) will find solution
  6. There is a bug inside system that crash the core (in some condition, event_function call a null pointer) and who buy system from Vegas still wait fix.
  7. is "ITEM_RING" ? LimitType0 is 7 or 8?
  8. Umh... what kind of item is it?
  9. uiToolTip Find: elif 0 != isCostumeItem: This is mine elif 0 != isCostumeItem: self.__AppendLimitInformation() self.__AppendAffectInformation() self.__AppendAttributeInformation(attrSlot) self.AppendWearableInformation() bHasRealtimeFlag = 0 ## 사용가능 시간 제한이 있는지 찾아보고 for i in xrange(item.LIMIT_MAX_NUM): (limitType, limitValue) = item.GetLimit(i) if item.LIMIT_REAL_TIME == limitType: bHasRealtimeFlag = 1 ## 있다면 관련 정보를 표시함. ex) 남은 시간 : 6일 6시간 58분 if 1 == bHasRealtimeFlag: self.AppendMallItemLastTime(metinSlot[0])
  10. Wrong implementation...read first line.
  11. Hi guys...i have been trying to resolve this problem for 2 days... let me explain: In introLogin.py i would to reload uiScriptLocale and localeInfo (imported at the head of introLogin), so i wrote this: def ReloadLogin: reload(uiScriptLocale) reload(introLogin) But syserr say me: 1104 09:12:03242 :: ImportError 1104 09:12:03242 :: : 1104 09:12:03242 :: No module named uiScriptLocale 1104 09:12:03242 :: I tryed also: reload(sys.modules['uiScriptLocale']) Same error...why?!? reload() is a built-in function so i really don't understand... someone have some idea?