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  1. No, can u send me item_attribute.cpp and char_item.cpp to compare with my cpp, upload here [Hidden Content]
  2. after i upgrade an item with 6/7 one of bonus vanish. VIDEO: [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi folks ! The ingame browser it's quite old and doesnt support some newer websites. maybe can someone tell how we make an upgrade with Chromium or Awesomium ,for browser of ingame? (^.^)
  4. NOT MY VIDEO! search: ACMD(do_reload) -cmd_gm.cpp case 'c': ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Reloading cube table."); Cube_init(); break; Add blow: item_manager.cpp Add at end: item_manager.h #ifdef RELOAD_DROP_FLASH void DestroyMobDropItem(); #endif common/service.h #define RELOAD_DROP_FLASH Command in game is /reload m (^.^)
  5. Hi i have a half of function for reload mob_drop_item if someone can complete it will be awesome ! cmd_gm.cpp item_manager.cpp item_manager.h void DestroyMobDropItem(); Error of compilation P.S idk what missing (^.^)
  6. the table is in constants.cpp search exp_table_common[PLAYER_EXP_TABLE_MAX + 1] replace with. [Hidden Content] (^_^)
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  9. Armor and weapon made by BombWork-Studio. (A.W.P Set v11 / A.W.P Set v10) v10 v11 Download v10 Download v10 (^_^)
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    Welcome and love u bro ❤️