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  1. Thanks works! #CLOSED
  2. Hello M2Tec Community! I have an annoying message appearing in my syserr,but the magic is that everything works just like a charm. I have researched,tried a lot of things but nothing seems to help me figure out this weird thing. The error look like this: And here is the code Line 558: Line 824: If anyone have any idea,please let me know in comments! Thanks very much!
  3. Hi everyone. I don't know why is this happening i changed every empire map everything works except the Map C ( Pyungmoo ) Any idea? //Update I copied my terrainmaps to external drive and assigned the drive letter D.After that the terrain normally appeared but as i removed the drive the terrain stayed as on screen shown
  4. Nice release but there is something wrong.The window won't come up. Everything implemented fine no errors during compiling and no errors in syserr or syslog.
  5. It's an old charselect Pastebin: [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi m2tec community! I have a huge problem,after i implemented the Sash System by LeNNt i have a little bug in my charselect,the problem is that char with 'vid=0' is visible but when i create a new char with other 'vid' than 0 i can't see the character. I've tried to fix this an entire day but no success. Any idea? Debug: Thanks
  7. Hello M2Tec Community! I'm facing this annoying error that appeared in my db syserr and i can't figure out what this is happening.I've checked the server source part and i haven't seen any problem. Syserr: Thanks for any help!
  8. I'm currently working on a mde weapons, later i have to fix the extra slot system because it conflicts with some other system. I will update the changelog tomorrow
  9. Nice release! But how about these errors? As i saw these references were declared in char.h but somehow it doesn't works :/ Did i missed something? SOLVED This release is not full some files are missing that are required for compiling and the MySQL part too...
  10. I'm still working on files so for now i can't say the release date but approx. 1-2 months to finish the files
  11. Thanks for everyone! I figured out that i haven't changed the prestige index in client src so the counting started from [1] not [0]... Rep+
  12. Okay then -> [Hidden Content] I think there is nothing wrong with this code the python indexes are starting from 0 so i didn't see any issue what it should cause
  13. Hello I need some help cause i have no further idea what should i do with this System So the problem is that i implemented the Shoulder Sash System by LeNNt and it somehow collages with Reworked Title System by Vegas. As you can see on the picture if i have in player table -> column Prestige higher than 0 i can open title system and everything works smooth as butter. But if i accidentally disable my Title i can't open the title window until i rewrite in mysql my prestige from value 0->anything below 0 Very big thanks for anyone who have any idea where the problem should be. I looked at syserr it writes: