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  1. Yes.. You are right. It would be better... I think I have set wrong name and wrong example of that release... It would be like "Team Title" or sth like that.
  2. Hi, sure. I have defined new text instance with location (in this case) after name, text and color of text. This instance is being attached via function and that function is called when player is GM (and GM boolean is got from IsGameMaster function from InstanceBase). No database needed. Is this what were you asking? iBeast
  3. Hello. This provides you GM Prefix wherever you want. It is not like other releases on forums. Information This provides you GM Prefix wherever you want. Text and color of prefix is modable, default set to "[GM]" in red color. Location of prefix is modable - you can set it before, after, under or above name. Function for prefix in chat included (configurable). Works with alignment. (Client does not crash when there is not alignment.) Download: [Hidden Content] (Section: Projects -> Free) Hope It will help somebody. iBeast
  4. Now -30% to all products! Merry Christmas!
  5. It is working with multiple IPs. (I think I did it).
  6. Hello! I am writing and asking for help on this forum after some weeks. I am creating ranking system and everything works fine, but I need to know how to read from metin2 client binary .mse file. I have this line in C++ binary function: sprintf(c_pszRank, "d:/ymir work/ui/ranking/ranker_%d.mse", iTOPPlayersRank); and I return 1, so it is ranker_1.mse. But when I try it, nothing happens (so it can not read .mse) and when I change path to .tga file, it will load but picture is static. Could you help me how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  7. There are available 20% discounts today! Black Friday!
  8. Information This function shows player's title after name. Simple to enable/disable (via locale_inc.h definition). Download Click HERE or on signature (page Projects -> Free) Enjoy.
  9. Hello, I want to introduce you Yang Bars Exchange. Exchanges Yang bars (silver/gold) into Yangs. Easy to edit. Yang overflow check. Already set up values. Ready to upload. Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.
  10. Hello, I want to introduce you Direct Skills Select. Skills selection by scroll. Ready to upload. Simple to modify. Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.
  11. Hi. Website is under maintenance... Website will be avaiable soon. Edit: Website is available now.
  12. Hello, I want to introduce you my Instant equip funciton. It is mini release (easy to make and somebody maybe finds it useful) This function instantly-equips (if slot is not already equiped) items. You can use it for quests like "first login" (sample in pictures below). Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.
  13. Thank you... I know, but for that people who use static IP its good... I will make HW Account security... (maybe)
  14. Hello, I want to introduce you my biologist quests that I coded. Everything is through setting file (ibeast_addon.lua). Quests are working with "Researcher's Elixir" (there is bug with removing this item on many servers which does not use my quest). You can simply set up your own new biologist quests using one of my "template" quest. You can set up: rewards, minimal level, needed item, needed count, ids, chances for success, dialogs (text) and delay. Link: HERE or click on Signature (Section Free Stuff) Enjoy.