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  1. Suche Techniker

    will dieser typ mich eig verarschen? "Skype: dominik26.1" sucht sogar jetzt hier ,weil er dort dauerthaft gesperrt wird alter hasan wann lernst du es. vielleicht solltest du einfach mal einen anderen text und namen benutzen anstatt deine leute zu mir auf meinen ts zu schicken und dann zu meinen wir haben es drauf boah junge .
  2. naja einfach mal die textstellen hier reinzu posten die du geändert hast beispielsweise die es betreffen "Könnten"
  3. zufälligerweise sieht das aus als ob ein Symbol da angezeigt wird was kein ASCII unterstützt. also wie als würdest du diese Schrift nicht kennen kann das sein?
  4. iAce package mostly others I have to search
  5. create empty mse data and just save them into this directory . so you have to create the folders season1 effect pc assasin effect and there a data called seomgwang_hand_4.mse wich will be completly empty same with others and its done
  6. Hey there. i Finished 3 Days ago my first Map for this Project i started then the seccond one. We have done some updates yes but its not that much of clientupdates only performance and security that we can show you right at the moment. Here are those Results of that Maps i have done so far... Map 1 Map 2 best Regards Stories of War.-
  7. i asked Kori and its allowed for me to post you Ratchet and Clank Iso (German / english i hope ) it has no graphic Bugs and is customized i have Max 50 FPS with my GTX 960 4 G VRAM in Like Big Maps i do have max 25 FPS so enjoy [Hidden Content]
  8. closed
  9. hey there. 12 month ago i started to customize my own private server and i was creating John Cena as a Blacksmith. hope you like it
  10. Kennste den Kanais würfel aus Diablo 3? den nachzubauen wäre schon sick
  11. Peace We are currently working on our Starting Map, we have done alot of Screenshots of it in our Showcase This Map is currently my first one that i have ever done in General, and im still not finished. its really not quite easy, not the mapping byself just.. its a really big Map that you have to create completly free from your Head into that Editor. for a little comparison here an example to the size ratio. as you notice the normal M2 Map can fit in 3 times into our Starter Map this maybe explains the current working time onto this Map. Minutes of Working Time : 4190 in Hours : ~ 70 and i`m still not finished. but i have a good feeling that the biggest parts are allready done. so i could finish this Map under the next Weak. Alot of Performance upgrades has been done, also we are preparing evrything for alot of upgrades into the graphics engine. Granny updates in General should be incoming, aslike new Textures and alot of new Objects will be added. i like this alot because i dont like the normal M2 Stuff, i think it will be a good option to go away from the normal Metin2 and go into something different. but there is alot of Work coming to us, but eh" we are enjoying it. This Screen is my current Working Area, i hope you like it. best regards your Stories of War Team
  12. Hab hier Altrom2 Files gefunden und sie Neu hochgeladen Downloadlink lässt sich mit eternexus entpacken. gruß
  13. @Denny2399 yes he is working with me on Our Project