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  1. Hi, M2Tec greetings from Turkey --- Our project which we started working with Turkish developers is finally finished, called as Metin2 Mobile Runner ( Fearless Heroes ). Our application is live on Google Play now. --- Google Play: CLICK But in tje following days Amazon will be available on ApkPure, ODStudio. -- ApkPure: CLICK ODStudio: CLICK if there will any issue on Google Play then it my possible be removed, you can cantinue to download from other alternative websites or Download App Open Google Play. Search: odstudio or fearless heroes -- IOS is coming soon! -------------------------------------------- VIDEO ----------------------- Features We set the appropriate randomly changing sound effects according to the characters. (Each character has its own sound effects.) Play with your friends via Facebook Connect! Upgrade your character as you play with the Exp and Level system. Win a variety of prizes when you pass your own score with the award winning High Score system. It goes through an experienced game process with the health system! If you are in facebook login in the application you will be able to use ranking system and derivative features. Online Global Score and Level Ranking. We made a high score ranking system between Online Global and your friends. In total there are 8 characters. (Warrior (Male / Female), Ninja (Male / Female), Sura (Male / Female, Shaman (Male / Female) Each character is included in the project from Level 1 Armor to level 105 armor. Every character's own hair styles are included in the project. Enhance your character with Advanced Store System. Advanced Task System. The quests will now come unlimitedly and randomly from the arm forcibly. On this page you will experience a more immersive gaming experience. Award Winning Wheel System. Earn wheel rewards. Detailed Settings menu; You can log out of Facebook, adjust the volume levels, change the graphics level of the game, view your Facebook page and our website. Heaven Dungeon + 1. Village map together. Enjoy the tremendous journey. My English is not so good apologize.