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  1. Hey guys how i would be able to make the scroll work on the message window so as players can scroll up and down without using the side bar there? Also how could i make somehow with ctrl+right click to open multiple chests at a time? Thanks in advance
  2. Can somehow lalaker and bob be eliminated? and if yes how. I know its something that many servers have as problem.
  3. @JollyPotato here's the fix.. [Hidden Content]
  4. Yes i know what u mean but i dont think it has this problem. Try to re-install the changes, im using it on my sfs and no bug appeared.
  5. Amazing set, the only change i would suggest its the bow, just make it a little bit smaller, or with a different movement! But in general , its so good.
  6. Can you add me on skype so we don't spam here?
  7. Cant really find something thats relevant
  8. No thats not the problem i think.
  9. Some players reported that not all the times, but when killing a metin they get dc. Anyone knows what i should check?
  10. See which slot's that and find the right number.
  11. Where's the system? Is it uploaded or what?