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  1. @FANTA Do you mean something like this? Thank you for the help. (If its like this i tried it out and it does not work)
  2. Hey guys i've been wondering how can i do a bonus cap, like the attack speed/movement speed that if a player has more than a specific amount has the maxvalue i have define. I want to do this for some percentage bonuses , so if anyone has time and wants to help , i will really appreciate it.
  3. Hey guys i've been wondering if i can make something so as if a player for example tries to wear an item that gives a bonus (lets say 79 and 10%) to make a check if the bonus after wearing that item will exceed a number ( for example 60) and if it exceeds it to send a package that will say you cant do this.
  4. 1.Most released versions of this petsystem are full of bugs, and need so many tests, so good luck with finding a proper release. 2.The Skill slots open at a certain level on the "last" stage which the pet is 'heroic'. 3.Maybe post the sysser of ch1 core1 so as anyone can help you out..?
  5. I mean based on this [Hidden Content] . Just the player has the opportunity to destroy the dragonsoul as every other item
  6. So guys i've been messing around with Ore on items and i saw that despite an item has 3 bonus when you add an ore only two appear, but the character get all the bonuses. The fix for that is: Open root/uitooltip.py and then follow the instructions. Search for: affectList2=[0, max(1, affectValue2*10/100), max(2, affectValue2*20/100), max(3, affectValue2*40/100)] And add below: affectType3, affectValue3 = item.GetAffect(2) affectList3=[0, max(1, affectValue3*10/100), max(2, affectValue3*20/100), max(3, affectValue3*40/100)] Then Search for: affectString2 = self.__GetAffectString(affectType2, affectList2[mtrlPos+1]-affectList2[mtrlPos]) And add below: affectString3 = self.__GetAffectString(affectType3, affectList2[mtrlPos+1]-affectList3[mtrlPos]) Find: self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(mtrlPos, mtrl, affectString1, affectString2, leftTime) Replace with: self.__AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(mtrlPos, mtrl, affectString1, affectString2, affectString3, leftTime) Find: def __AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(self, index, metinSlotData, custumAffectString="", custumAffectString2="", leftTime=0): Replace with: def __AppendMetinSlotInfo_AppendMetinSocketData(self, index, metinSlotData, custumAffectString="", custumAffectString2="", custumAffectString3="", leftTime=0): Last find: if custumAffectString2: And add below: if custumAffectString3: affectTextLine = ui.TextLine() affectTextLine.SetParent(self) affectTextLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) affectTextLine.SetPackedFontColor(self.POSITIVE_COLOR) affectTextLine.SetPosition(50, self.toolTipHeight + 16 + 2 + 16 + 2) affectTextLine.SetOutline() affectTextLine.SetFeather() affectTextLine.Show() affectTextLine.SetText(custumAffectString3) self.childrenList.append(affectTextLine) self.toolTipHeight += 16 + 2 I know thats something that some might never noticed and that's super easy to fix, but some people might do not know.
  7. [Hidden Content] its quite good as i recall
  8. Thanks a lot for your release. Really good work!