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  1. ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REMOVE (METIN)"); to item->SetCount(item->GetCount()-1);
  2. Are your objects or made by iAce? btw: looks good
  3. In python (game) you have: def __PressBKey(self): if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LCONTROL) or app.IsPressed(app.DIK_RCONTROL): net.SendChatPacket("/user_horse_back") else: state = "EMOTICON" self.interface.ToggleCharacterWindow(state) Function is /unmount for mounts Ride a mount and write that Now, problem is here net.SendChatPacket("/user_horse_back") #Command to unequip mount (i don't know if work) if (pkItem->IsEquipped() && pkItem->GetType() == ITEM_COSTUME && ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT)) { if (!ch->UnEquipSpecialRideUniqueItem(ch->GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT))) return; }
  4. If you want to destroy item in dragonsoul inventory, you need to add SLOT_TYPE_DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY to def RequestDestroyItem eg: if player.SLOT_TYPE_INVENTORY == dropType or player.SLOT_TYPE_DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY == dropType: or i did not understand well?
  5. Link download: [Hidden Content] Virustotal: [Hidden Content]== Sytem by: Elijah I did not tested Preview:
  6. Link download: [Hidden Content] virustotal: [Hidden Content] System by: Elijah (i think) i did not tested
  7. Sure, [Hidden Content] And for command: (uiinventory) def __CustomeEvent(self): net.SendChatPacket("/click_sort_items") # change click_sort_items with your command for sort.
  8. I don't know about bugs. But 2 people and more tested it. Image 1. Image from another guy.