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  1. I already have them in quest_function
  2. Calls undeclared function! : number pc.get_level
  3. Hello,i want one drop quest with level limit (If I kill the dog and I have lv 20 he don't drop anything from the list of items) And if possible any item have chances to drop
  4. How do i make request item for use certain emotions Ex: For all emotion (sad/clap/angry...) don't request nothing.But for dancing to request mask emotion Sorry for my bad english... I hope you understand what I mean and you can help me
  5. Man,I want a limit for yang in shops. Now can put 9kkkkk in shop/offlineshop and i want one function to block that and check when you are beyond its limit you can not open another I hope you understand what i want
  6. (from python can edit form shop/19_1.txt price e.g. Put in 19_1.txt 9kkkk and in shop when open and put item 19 appears automatically 9kkkk price) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] 2) I want a function for the shop e.g. if you have 40kkk and you put 9kkk+ in normal shop you can't open that?
  7. Hello,how make a limit yang for shop .I have maximum 50kkk on the server but in shop i can put 9,9kkkkk. I want work put max 20kkk in the shop And another problem ,when i have full yang in inventory can open normal shop (after buy i don't give nothing) (sorry for my bad english)
  8. SYSERR: Dec 2 21:52:14 :: OpenMyShop: Cannot open normal shop Infinit test2SYSERR: Dec 2 22:01:06 :: OpenMyShop: Cannot open normal shop Infinit test after
  9. I've a problem with shop offline by great.When i open shop(normal) and after i close that, the window don't close after when i want create a new shop(normal) appear that Syserr