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  1. Dann hat das System einen Fehler bzw fehlt da was. Am besten ist du postest mal deine python Sachen hier mit pastebin.com
  2. Look in the intrologin.py please
  3. Thread moved from : Metin2 > Binaries & Clients/Serverfiles to Metin2 > File requests
  4. Sollten eig alle gehen, da er es über unsere M2tec download Page macht
  5. Little Update. Here the official sites from m2tec : - M2-Server Ranking list ( official M2tec Project) - Official M2tec Metin2 Patch Generator Have a nice Day guys The M2tec Team
  6. Schau mal in deiner makefile ob da was von p4 steht oder post mal die makefile in einem spoiler
  7. You can find a documentation about this. You can manage the Server with PC and mobile Phone easy and save
  8. Yes but my Version is easyer
  9. / myFunction takes an LPSTR std::string cppString = "something"; LPSTR cString = strdup( cppString.c_str() ); try { myFunction( cString ); cppString = cString; } catch(...) { free( cString ); } It's a example you remove from try all and then work with the cString
  10. DWORD attributes = GetFileAttributes(path); if (attributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN)
  11. Habe mir das mal angesehen und ich denke mal das er das meint FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN Damit kann man versteckte Ordner finden in c++
  12. quest chagne_name begin state start begin when 71055.use begin if pc.is_married() then say("You cannot change your name if you are married.") say("") return end if pc.is_polymorphed() then say("You cannot change your name if you are transformed.") say("") return end if pc.has_guild() then say("You cannot change your name if you are in a guild. ") say("") return end if party.is_party() then say("You cannot change your name if you are in a party.") say("") return end if pc.get_level() < 35 then say("You need level 35 to change your name!") say("") return end if get_time() < pc.getqf("next_time") then say("You can not use it now.") say("") if is_test_server() == true then say("Since it's test server, you can go") say("") else return end end say("Please enter the name you want to have") ; local name = pc.name ; local str = input() ; if string.len(str) > 16 then say("This name is too long. Please try again.") say("") return end local ret = pc.change_name(str) ; if ret == 0 then say("You didn't log in after you have changed your name.") say("please re-log in.") say("") char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "HAVE NOT RE-LOGIN") elseif ret == 1 then say("The problem occured while using the item.") say("Please use again.") say("") char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "ITEM USE PROBLEM") elseif ret == 2 then say("The name is not available.") say("Please enter other name.") say("") char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "CAN NOT USE NAME") elseif ret == 3 then say("The name is not available.") say("Please enter other name.") say("") char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "ALREADY USING NAME") elseif ret == 4 then say("You have changed your name successfully.") say("Please log in again.") say("")  item.remove() ; pc.setqf("next_time", get_time() + time_hour_to_sec(24*15)) char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "SUCCESS: from "..name.." to "..str) else say("Unknown error occured.") say("") char_log(0, "CHANGE_NAME", "UNKNOWN NAME") end end  end end