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      M2tec Event   02/28/18

      Hello M2tec Users,    M2tec present a new donate Event.      Premium Event :
      Premium Pack 1 : 5€ /2 month + 1 month free 
      Premium Pack 2 : 7€ / 4 month + 2 month free 
      Premium Pack 3 : 9€ / 6 month + 2 month free *
      Premium Pack 4: 15€ /  1 year + 4 month free *   Source Pack :  Source Light Pack : 15€ Source full Pack : 20€ *   Advertisements Packs :  Little Pack : 5€ Middle Pack : 10€ Big Pack : 15€ *   All packets with * become after buy a donator rank for the Support on M2tec.    The M2tec Team.   

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  3. Welcome Mr Nostra have a good time on M2tec. 

  4. Sorry for dumb question, but how do I compile crypto++ in visual basic? There is no .sln file or something like that like client has. My knowledge in this area and in the area of c++ is limited.
  5. DWORD dwPrice > long long dwPrice
  6. Welcome Bogdan Pinghireac have a good time on M2tec. 

  7. Recompile cryptopp with your toolset (v120) Then recompile the client src with (v120) #done
  8. Welcome Test145 have a good time on M2tec. 

  9. Welcome Bogdi Bogdi have a good time on M2tec. 

  10. Welcome ThePrince69 have a good time on M2tec. 

  11. Welcome Yomi have a good time on M2tec. 

  12. Hello guys, I've recently downloaded mainline source(client and server). Client is on v90(vs 2008) tool set, which is quite old and I'm interested in updating to atleast v120(vs 2013). Is there any way to do it?
  13. immer diese dummen threads ... sag was für ein problem du hast oder lass es sein
  14. Welcome Aboda Ibrahim have a good time on M2tec. 

  15. Welcome Resqwanreset have a good time on M2tec. 

  16. hallo und zwar vll hat ja einer zeit und lust uns auf yenchaos2 zu helfen haben ein problem bei unserer homepage wenn er lust laune und natürlich zeit pnt mich. danke
  17. Last week
  18. Hello, Today I realized I had a bug on the transmutation system (change look). Instead the game discount 1kkk on the gold (price I set) it gives exactly 3.294.967.296 yang every time... The function that discounts the money: void CHARACTER::RefineClMaterials() { LPITEM * pkItemMaterial; pkItemMaterial = GetClWindowMaterials(); if (!pkItemMaterial[0]) return; else if (!pkItemMaterial[1]) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Transmutation] Please submit the item you want to transmute.")); return; } DWORD dwPrice = CL_TRANSMUTATION_PRICE; if (GetGold() < dwPrice) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Transmutation] You don't have enough Yang.")); return; } DWORD dwVnum = pkItemMaterial[1]->GetVnum(); PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -dwPrice); DBManager::instance().SendMoneyLog(MONEY_LOG_REFINE, pkItemMaterial[0]->GetVnum(), -dwPrice); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(pkItemMaterial[1], "TRANSMUTED (SUCCESSFULLY)"); pkItemMaterial[0]->SetTransmutation(dwVnum, true); ClearClWindowMaterials(); TItemPos tPos; tPos.window_type = INVENTORY; tPos.cell = 0; TPacketChangeLook sPacket; sPacket.header = HEADER_GC_CL; sPacket.subheader = CL_SUBHEADER_REFINE; sPacket.dwCost = 0; sPacket.bPos = 0; sPacket.tPos = tPos; GetDesc()->Packet(&sPacket, sizeof(TPacketChangeLook)); } The POINT_GOLD: case POINT_GOLD: { long long nTotalMoney = GetGold() + amount; if (nTotalMoney > yang_max) { sys_err("[OVERFLOW_GOLD] maximum %lld OriGold %lld AddedGold %lld id %u Name %s ", yang_max, GetGold(), amount, GetPlayerID(), GetName()); LogManager::instance().CharLog(this, GetGold() + amount, "OVERFLOW_GOLD", ""); nTotalMoney = GetGold(); amount = 0; SetGold(yang_max); return; } // û�ҳ⺸ȣ if (LC_IsNewCIBN() && amount > 0) { if (IsOverTime(OT_NONE)) { dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = NONE", GetName()); } else if (IsOverTime(OT_3HOUR)) { amount = (amount / 2); dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = 3HOUR", GetName()); } else if (IsOverTime(OT_5HOUR)) { amount = 0; dev_log(LOG_DEB0, "<GOLD_LOG> %s = 5HOUR", GetName()); } } SetGold(GetGold() + amount); val = GetGold(); } break; Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  19. Welcome Metin Dwa have a good time on M2tec. 

  20. Suche Techniker

    will dieser typ mich eig verarschen? "Skype: dominik26.1" sucht sogar jetzt hier ,weil er dort dauerthaft gesperrt wird alter hasan wann lernst du es. vielleicht solltest du einfach mal einen anderen text und namen benutzen anstatt deine leute zu mir auf meinen ts zu schicken und dann zu meinen wir haben es drauf boah junge .
  21. Welcome Lev2 Simcity have a good time on M2tec. 

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