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  2. Ehm.. das hast du ja mal ganz Fein kopiert.. [Hidden Content]
  3. Welcome Niki LP have a good time on M2tec. 

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  5. Welcome Jakub “JacobS” have a good time on M2tec. 

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  7. Welcome TippHungary Granada have a good time on M2tec. 

  8. Welcome Jordi Rios have a good time on M2tec. 

  9. I already have them in quest_function
  10. Welcome Uwe Nommensen have a good time on M2tec. 

  11. Same for you. If I think a bit, what about the psd, that you talking about in your first post? It's free, for sale, you make a gift perhaps 😉 Best of luck.
  12. Calls undeclared function! : number pc.get_level
  13. Thread moved from : Metin2 > Discussions & Questions to Discussions & Questions > Metin2 > Solved Questions
  14. No problem. And have a nice night ^^
  15. Welcome Vorname Nachname have a good time on M2tec. 

  16. Thanks this solve my problem and @[RaffaeL] thank u also for youre help ❤️
  17. I only want to thank you for your offer, but that's full coded(login, create, empire select, etc.), and since I don't have a server of my own, I won't work much on design.
  18. If you want i can help you with design and code ^^
  19. quest etc_event begin state start begin when kill begin local level = pc.get_level() local rate = pc.getqf("rate") local limit = get_mob_level(npc.get_race()) local s = number(1, 100) if level < limit+11 then local drop = number(1,rate) if s <= 10 then game.drop_item(50011) end end end end end Try this.
  20. Mich deucht es fehlt die Funktion SetVisibleLineCount in PythonEventManager.cpp void CPythonEventManager::SetVisibleLineCount(int iIndex, int iLineCount) { if (!CheckEventSetIndex(iIndex)) return; TEventSet * pEventSet = m_EventSetVector[iIndex]; pEventSet->iVisibleLineCount = iLineCount; }
  21. Welcome Hooltras have a good time on M2tec. 

  22. Hello,i want one drop quest with level limit (If I kill the dog and I have lv 20 he don't drop anything from the list of items) And if possible any item have chances to drop
  23. Nice but why you display the kingdom from the team? Is useless
  24. Ok, that's good. Now, go into your root/uiscriptlocale.py: ->Search: EMPIREDESC_C = "%s/empiredesc_c.txt" % (name) ->and add bellow: CARDS_DESC = "mini_game_okey_desc.txt"
  25. Welcome borus beras have a good time on M2tec. 

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