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  2. this website is Shit.
  3. quest yang begin state start begin when 80003.use or 80004.use or 80005.use or 80006.use or 80007.use begin local check_can_gold = pc.get_gold() if tonumber(check_can_gold) >= tonumber(2000000000) then say_title("Stop, You Have over 1999999999 Yang") say("you have 2kkk Yang, I Give you 1kkk Item. ") select("Cancel") pc.change_money(-1) end when login or kill or levelup begin local yang_check = pc.get_gold() if tonumber(yang_check) >= tonumber(2000000000) then pc.give_item2(ITEMID, 2) pc.change_money(-1) end end end end Not tested
  4. better quest quest yang_bug_fix begin state start begin when kill or levelup or login begin if pc.get_gold() >= (1970000000) then say_title ("Ai prea mult yang in inventar.") say ("") say ("Ai depasit suma de 1.970.000.000 yang. ") say_reward ("Ti-au fost retrasi yang de pe cont.") say_reward ("In schimb ai primit x2 lingouri a cate 500.000.000 yang!") say ("") say_reward ("Echipa Shade-MT2 !") pc.changegold(-1000000000) pc.give_item2 (100004,1) pc.give_item2 (100004,1) end end end end
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  6. Hello Guys, this is the one website that I use to buy games to my XBox One. Here you can buy the game with discount, and until now is a truly trust website. Almost every single game is more cheap than in the XBox or other plataform store. Link for Instant Gaming This Website brings Android and Iphone apps. Some discounts
  7. In the char.cpp I can't see the remove function?
  8. Hello, today i release from my source, the fix for offline shop by great to work good with transmutation system. My source is kori source 1.4 but with fixed bugs. You dont have to replace the whole functions. You can compare with mine. If you install them correctly like i tell you, it should work. Its tested to my server, and it works 100%. Download link: [Hidden Content] I hope I helped, Yours sincerely, VoiD.
  9. I am trying to improve this system because it will help me to see in the log table where and how to use the yang so can you help me to fix it???
  10. Need this tool ;_; some 1 can help me ?
  11. Warum macht man da nicht einfach ne quest ? is 100% leichter
  12. The translator is not good Please Tell your proplem in English
  13. Good m2tec! for some time I have been struggling with the gold ingot system from the source! So far all right! except to give me the yang but not delete my item from the inventory! Can anyone tell me what, how and where did I go wrong ???? [and would still be incomplete! I would like when I reach the 1.9kkk limit to give me a 500kk ingot and drop my yang (not to get the famous overflow)] The system looks like this: char.cpp char.h char_item.cpp constants.cpp constants.h log.cpp log.h .sql table
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  19. Hello M2tec Community, We have many changes in the last time : We updated the forum core to the newest system apps and plugins updated ( not all) * New Design ( dark) * Beta design ( mind) * Many issues fixxed *bugs please here : [Hidden Content] M2tec Team
  20. Maybe "AFF_TERROR" isn't declared in you solution and when the function "isaffectflag" is called can't found the flag and crash! Check it Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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  24. Sup Niggas. Suche nen komplettes team für nen Metin2 Server. Ein Konzept habe ich mir noch nicht wirklich überlegt, habe einfach mal wieder bock nen server zu machen. Bezahle natürlich alles selber also keine sorge ya. meldet euch wenn ihr lust habt, entwickeln dass konzept dann zusammen. skype: boss.5cy discord: king king#1707
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